All Aboard

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I have a real social media addiction.

It would be easy for me to put it down to work and say that I have to use it… but if I’m being honest it’s more than that. I fall into a deep pit of endless scrolling, absorbing more and more content until I finally look up and hours have gone by. I find it’s suddenly midnight and that “five minute check” of Instagram has turned into a waste of an evening.

I saw a quote, on one of my never ending quests into the web, that said “spend more time creating content than you do consuming it” and I took it to heart.

I’ve been telling myself that “I don’t have time” to do all the extra projects I keep dreaming up, but the truth is, I would if I spent less time online looking at what everyone else is doing!

So I’ve been offline for a little while.

You may not have even noticed my absence, perhaps big exciting things have been going on, and perhaps I’ve been missing out… but I have to say, I do feel better.

I’ve spent the time working on my writing. A film I’m working on is going well, but I’m stuck on one of the characters. I’ve been banging my head against a wall trying to figure him out and I just can’t get there. So I stepped away from the computer, grabbed a few essentials, a couple of good friends, a nice bottle of pink, and headed for the marina.

On a fresh and sunny morning, we sailed off into the blue.

Keeping our eyes peeled for dolphins, birds and boats.

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I stretched out and enjoyed the view, while Lily got stuck in with the sailing.

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Around noon we pulled up to a rather lovely looking sandbar.

For a spot of lunch.

Before setting sail once again for an afternoon on the waves.

We’re heading into Australian winter now and the change is quite remarkable.

When we first arrived I couldn’t imagine how anyone went outside in the heat, now temperatures are about what you’d expect from spring at home.

Beautiful blue skies, but a cold biting breeze that insists upon a jumper.

So after a very chilly, very quick swim, we all wrapped up and headed home.

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Our captain kept the drinks flowing all the way.

I had hoped my subconscious would work on my writer’s block, but while I don’t feel much closer to finishing my film, I certainly feel as though I’ve blown a few cobwebs away.

I’ll get there. Schooner or later.

You can help me sail-abrate when I do!

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