Yayoi Kusama Has Brought Two Mesmerising Infinity Rooms To Tate Modern

Reflect upon reflections at the Tate’s Infinity Rooms exhibit.

London has a long and treasured history with Yayoi Kusama and her mesmerising Infinity Rooms. Her extremely photogenic pumpkins pitched up in 2016 and promptly took over Instagram, whilst these groovy disco lanterns appeared at the Victoria Miro Gallery back in 2018, to much fanfare. Happily, we’ll able to see Infinity Rooms in London once again, as a pair are currently dazzling the crowds at Tate Modern!

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Infinity Rooms
‘Chandelier of Grief’, Yayoi Kusama. [Kristallwelten Swarovski]

Originally planned for May 2020 and then March 2021, the arrival of the much-loved Infinity Rooms was delayed by the pandemic, pushing the opening date back by a year. We eagerly waited for news, with even a sniff of mesmerising, infinite art installations enough to get us excited! Happily, the rooms are now in place – less happily, the first wave of tickets sold out spectacularly quickly, leaving a lot of people on the outside looking it. The exhibition is currently fully booked until October 24, but Tate Modern have revealed that another wave of tickets will be going on sale on September 30, so be sure to snap them up before they’re all gone again.

Anyway, to the exhibition itself! One of Kusama’s rooms – named ‘Filled with the Brilliance of Life’ – has already spent time at Tate Modern, back when the gallery hosted a Kusama retrospective in 2012. As one of the artist’s largest Infinity Rooms, the colourful, dot-filled room is doubtless welcoming plenty of snap-happy punters now that the exhibition has launched.

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Infinity Rooms
‘Infinity Mirrored Room – Filled with the Brilliance of Life’, Yayoi Kusama [Tate Modern]

The other, entitled ‘Chandelier of Grief’, depicts a Swarovski-encrusted chandelier inside a mirrored room, which gives the impression of endless chandeliers stretching around you, as if one were in the most gloriously OTT dining room imaginable. Appearing alongside the Infinity Rooms are a series of photographs which chart the meteoric rise of Kusama and her mirrored rooms, some of which have gone on display for the first time.

Kusama’s Infinity Rooms are in residence for a full year, departing Tate Modern in June 2022 – so there’s still plenty of time to check out 2021’s Instagram hotspot. To infinity, and beyond!

Find out more about the show, and check for ticket info, here. To be alerted when new tickets drop, sign up here.

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