Adele says she ‘lost the plot’ during her Saturn return, but what is the astrological phenomenon and how can you harness its life-changing powers?

Your Saturn return is usually marked by any or all of the following: Engagement rings! Pregnancy announcements! Moving in! Moving out! Career changes! Big decisions! Breakups galore! Friends dropping like flies as they exit stage right into new lives, new beginnings and new versions of themselves… If last year threw the lives of you and your BFFs into disarray (and not just because there was a #pandemic on) I’d like to take a bet you were born somewhere between 1988 and 1991. 

Yep, it’s way easier to break it to you now you’re out the other side but babes, that was most definitely your Saturn return!

Serious Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn and co-ruler of Aquarius) is the zodiac’s bossy taskmaster, here to teach us vital life lessons and show us that discipline, stability and commitment matter more than we think. So far, so boring, right? Just you wait! 

Discovering your Saturn sign and its placement in your birth chart reveals all sorts of insights into the lessons you’re here to learn. And you’ll want to pay attention because those lessons have the power to seriously up-level your life – especially during your Saturn return. 

The ultimate cosmic reality check, your first Saturn return, happens between the ages of 27 and 30 when the ringed planet returns to the position it was in when you were born – and because Saturn spends around two and a half years in a sign (never mind the odd retrograde) it’s kind of a long-haul thing. Think coming of age in all its messy glory with a side order of rip-it-up-and-start-again!

 Your Saturn return (you can find out exactly when it returns here) invites you to question everything and take responsibility for your own life choices. It forces you to grow up! It asks you to take a long hard look at the path you’ve chosen, the friends you’ve surrounded yourself with and that wayward ex you can’t seem to shake off and decide what’s working for you and what really isn’t. 

It’s full on! It’s make or break! It’s A LOT! And not even Adele is immune to its cosmic impact! 

“Then I hit my Saturn return,” she told Vogue in a recent interview. “I lost the plot! It shakes you up a bit: Who am I? What do I want to do? What makes me truly happy? All those things.”

 One look at Adele on that Vogue cover and it’s clear that despite the turmoil, the divorce and half the planet scrutinising her newly svelte body, it all worked out in the end. And the good news is the same should happen for you once you’ve buckled up, knuckled down and made some seriously grown up decisions!

Read on for all the intel on when your Saturn return is hitting up your chart and what to expect when it gets here. 

And if you’ve already been there and done that you might want to be aware that you’re not off the hook just yet. Saturn returns every 30-ish years so you’ll get to do it all over again between the ages of 58 and 61 when your second Saturn return arrives. Those zodiac life lessons just keep coming!

Saturn Return in Capricorn

Birth dates: 13 Feb 1988 – 9 Jun 1988; and 11 Nov 1988–6 Feb 1991

Return dates: 20 Dec 2017 – 21 Mar 2020; and 1 Jul 2020 – 16 Dec 2020

 High five! You made it! If you were born with Saturn in Capricorn your first Saturn return is done and dusted with (hopefully) many a lesson learnt. Those born with Saturn in Capricorn often have success on the brain. You feel obliged to tick life’s boxes! And sometimes you even enjoy it! It’s hard to imagine you let a little something like a global pandemic stop you checking off relationship and career goals in 2020 but if there’s still work to do, don’t despair. Your Saturn return is about lessons, growth and understanding your own limitations and that doesn’t mean implementing everything all at once. There’s still plenty of time to bag that corner office and make your first million if that’s how you want to roll. You’ve got this!

Saturn Return in Aquarius

Birth dates: 6 Feb 1991 – 20 May 1993; and 29 Jun 1993 – 28 Jan 1994

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