Portobello Road Market To Permanently Ban Cars In Bid For Cleaner Air In The District

No more moving out the way of cars driving through Portobello Road market!

If you’re a pedestrian heading out to bag yourself a steal at one of London’s most famous market street, you’ll be in luck.

The reason, you ask? Well, that’s two-fold. Firstly, you won’t have to dart away from any vehicles on the road, and, most importantly, you’ll be breathing in far cleaner air than you would have on previous trips to the space.


That’s all because cars have been banned from Portobello Road Market in a bid to protect the environment in the surrounding area. Drivers won’t be able to access the market area during its operating hours.

This has actually been in place since April 2020, where the pandemic brought about these temporary restrictions. But this time, as they say, it’s permanent. According to Kensington and Chelsea council, the move will provide more space and mobility for shoppers as well as cleaner air.


The hope for the council is that this move, along with the expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zones in October, will go some way to reduce toxic fumes in the area.

Some exemptions to the ban will be in place, however. People who live in the area, those with disabilities, and emergency services will all still be permitted to pass through.

There will be exemptions to the car ban at the west London antiques market, including for people who live in the area, those with disabilities and emergency vehicles.

Johnny Thalassites, the council’s lead member for planning, place and the environment, said: “Making the road closure permanent is a great step forward in continuing to improve the experience at Portobello Market as a world-class destination, making it more accessible for visitors and locals with more space to shop and explore.

“Reducing vehicle emissions in the area will also improve air quality for residents and traders. Becoming more environmentally-friendly is something we as a Council (are) dedicated to, with our aim to become net carbon zero by 2030.”

Cars will not be able to pass through the historic Portobello Road market between the hours of 10am – 4pm, Monday to Saturday.

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