From Their Walls To Yours: Arkley Fine Art

Arkley Fine Art has been wowing culture lovers in Hertfordshire since 2017 – and now you have the chance to enjoy their featured artists in your own abode

Established in 2017 Arkley Fine Art has quickly made its mark as a leading gallery, discovering emerging artists on the contemporary fine art scene. It is a warm and welcoming space, one that encourages people to immerse themselves in a great selection of art.

Set up by Richard and Danielle Barry in Hertfordshire, both have worked within the art industry for the last decade, selling works by some of the world’s most notable names to an international client base.

The setup at Arkley has been built on their strong values of not only making sure they are showcasing the best that contemporary art has to offer, but also making sure the careers of the artists on their portfolio are being properly managed. Their success is Arkley’s success.

This combination allows them to not only showcase an incredible eclectic display of work, from multi award winning artists, but also helps to protect the investment opportunities of each and every client. Over the last four years Arkley Fine Art have seen some of their artists increase in value by as much as 350%.

Lhouette In Studio
Lhoutte is Arkley’s most popular artist currently

Home Approval Service

Buying a piece of artwork is something very special, and often quite personal – this is why at Arkley Fine Art, they want you to know that you have made the right decision with each piece purchased. When they opened their doors, they knew they wanted to provide a service that went above and beyond to ensure this for all of their clients. This is where the idea of their complimentary home approval service was born.

Where possible, one of their consultants will personally bring the artworks to your home or business to allow you to view in situ. Alternatively, they have an experienced, in-house photography team, who can super-impose an image onto your wall from a photograph. This allows you to see how well a piece works with your interior.

A piece of artwork can look very different in Arkley’s gallery compared to your own space at home. Every piece that is purchased, Arkley want to know that the client is 100% happy and knows it will fit perfectly and look as stunning as it does in the gallery as it does in their home. This service has taken them into the most beautiful houses, allowing them to not only see some incredible spaces, but also it allows them to get to know their clients on a personal level. No matter the spend or the individual, the key value to their business is to provide outstanding service to each person they have the pleasure of meeting – whether you are a seasoned or aspiring collector.

It is a service Arkley prides themselves on, knowing that no other gallery offers anything like this.

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