An Otherworldly ‘Nature Illuminated’ Experience Is Coming To London

The dusky rays of moonlight won’t be the only thing illuminating the beauty of nature next February. Nature Illuminated invites you on a sensorial journey through the four seasons, where technology and the wilderness collide with mesmerising results. Slip on your coat, lace up your shoes and grab your camera. This enchanting experience will feel like stumbling into an alien world – a psychedelic planet with glowing sculptures and immersive sounds – and you’ll want to soak up every moment.

Sign up for the waitlist now so you can be one of the first in line to get tickets before they open to the public on Tuesday December 14 at 12pm!


Nature Illuminated already has plans to bewitch Brussels and Sydney this January, and London will get the chance to fall under its spell the following month. As if plucked from the future, the experience transforms a natural setting into a dazzling spectacle through an array of luminescent installations. All this will take place when the onyx blanket of night starts to settle on the city; making it look like a divine hand has painted nature in a rainbow of radiant colour and fluorescent flowers have bloomed in a matter of minutes.

The route will take you through the four seasons in the space of an hour. Wander through an autumnal forest, lit in a fiery spectrum of season-appropriate shades. Dig your hands in your pockets as you gaze up at shimmering snowflakes in the icy blue tundra of winter. Look out for a carpet of blossoming flora when spring arrives in a kaleidoscope of colour. Bask in the amber warmth of summer, where every flower seems drenched in the glow of sunlight and vibrant petals gleam with a newfound vitality. Along the way, atmospheric sounds and music will also reflect the environment to help truly immerse you in the experience.

The exact location of Nature Illuminated is yet to be announced, but we can tell you it will be taking place in a stunning secret garden in London. We know, the mystery just makes it all the more exciting. All ages are welcome, so be sure to spread the word of its impending arrival to your friends and family.

Nature Illuminated: The Harmony of the Seasons – Waitlist

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