Storm Barra Is Set To Hit London Tomorrow, As Met Office Issues Yellow Weather Warnings

Stay safe out there, friends!

We may have only just seen the back of Storm Arwen, but the bad weather is not quite done with us yet. Returning with a vengeance in the form of Storm Barra, Londoners can expect to be blasted by strong winds tomorrow, with the Met Office issuing a yellow weather warning for the area.

Predicting temperatures as low as 2 degrees, the capital will be gifted with both heavy rain and wind moving over from the Atlantic, with ‘severe gales’ and even snow on higher ground in store for Tuesday December 7.

As the storm passes over, it’s expected to bring plenty of unsettled conditions for the rest of the week, too, including icy temperatures, strong winds and plenty of rain expected both Wednesday and Friday.

The Met Office has also warned that the London area should expect some delays to road, rail, air and ferry transport, with both bus and train services predicted to be affected by the adverse weather conditions. It’s also been warned that some areas could expect power outages, with drivers, in particular, warned to watch out for fallen trees, debris and potential flooding. It’s advised that drivers stick to main roads, where there’s less chance of being struck by falling branches and debris.

The warning is currently in place from 9am-midnight tomorrow only, with the entirety of England expected to be affected by the impending storm.

Basically, I probably wouldn’t even bother battling with your brolly for this one.

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