48 Of The Best Responses To The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree

Oh, bless it.

Each year, the lovely people of Norway donate a behemoth of a tree to London as thanks for helping them out in World War II, and have done since 1947. Which is rather nice of them, actually (though you wouldn’t think we were that grateful after reading some of these comments).

Unfortunately, this year’s Trafalgar Square tree does represent 2021 quite accurately; which, well, isn’t always a great thing. And the internet (shockingly, I know) had to have their say. We took to Instagram and Facebook for a bit of fun, seeing who could come up with the best captions for the poor little–butactuallyquitebig–Trafalgar Square Christmas tree. Safe to say you lot didn’t disappoint, and some of you are definitely more mean than we thought – but hey, it’s Christmas and we all need a laugh!

Policemen watch the Trafalgar Square tree, Christmas 1948. Photo: @londonhistorian

*Just a quick disclaimer before the fun: the comments do also reflect that we really are very grateful for our yearly Christmas gift, honest!

1. “What kind of tree is that?” “Oh, it’s a Nordic Sparse.”

2. “Even the Grinch wouldn’t steal this tree.”


3. “Okay, so we left the EU”…


4. …[and on that note] “Tell us the rest of Europe hates the UK without telling us they hate the UK.”

5. [so eventually they said] “F*ck it, send them that one.”

6. [which gave us the final product] “This particular species of tree is called Norwegian shade.”


7. “The one Phoebe picked.”

8. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing.”

9. “You okay, hun?”

It’s hay fever, honest.

10. “It’s the thought that counts.”

True, I guess.

11. [There was some optimism] “It’s been a rough year but the future is bright.”

12. […Which was swiftly followed up with a clapback] “It’s been a rough year and this is the sh*t we get?!”

13. “If 2021 was summed up in a Christmas tree…”

14. “Even the Christmas tree gave up this year.”

It’s been THAT kind of a year for us all…

15. “Nelson’s toilet brush.”

16. 🎶 “Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree! How lovely are thy…” 🤦🏻‍♀️

17. “Did it fall off the truck and get run over?”

18. “It’s a new variant of Christmas tree.”

19. “Did we p*ss off Norway?”

20. [to which a very good point was made…] “Norway is sending the tree, the poor decoration is ours!”

London is by no means innocent in all of this…

21. “The Rockefeller Centre tree looked the same last year – if not a worse.”

At least we’re not the only ones, eh? Admittedly that was quite the glow up in 2020, however. (cc. Secret NYC)

22. “Are you ‘fir’ real?”


23. “I have not understood the assignment.”

24. “When you’re dressed up don’t want to go.”

25. “#Thebrexitpunishmenttree.”

26. “I’m Norwegian and this is embarrassing.”

27. “Did half of it decide to isolate for Christmas?”

28. “Walked past it last night. It looks sh*t.”

Sometimes it’s the bluntest weapons that cut the deepest 😅.

29. “A Scandinavian prank.”

30. “Help me Obi-Wan Kanobi, you’re my only hope.”

31. “I saw the star on top and the first thing that crossed my mind was PRET A MANGER wtf did London do to me?”

Has London broken us?

32. “This came all the way from Norway yet I’m still waiting for my sofa from DFS.”


33. “This poor tree is as happy as I am on Monday morning when I walk into the office.”

34. “A tree that resembles our Eurovision score card.”

35. “When was the fire?”

36. “Me going out for the first time after the lockdown.”

As we’ve said; tough year!

37. “It needs to grow a little bushier, though nice height. Very poor light placement too. Still love it.”

38. “It’s beginning to look a lot like f*ck this.”

39. “Trafalgar Swears.”

40. “Do not judge a book by the cover.”

41. “The Grinch would be happy to sell this tree.”

42. “Do you think anyone will notice.”

43. “Reality vs Reality.”

44. “Maybe by this time next year it will have filled out a bit!”

We’ve had our fun, but in all seriousness…

45. “Surely it’s the thought that counts. Norway promised to give UK a Christmas 🎄 every year and they have kept their word. Thank you.”

46. “It’s a long time tradition, thank you Norway 🇳🇴 greatly appreciated. What it looks like is irrelevant but the tradition is very much respected.”

47. “Thank you for the tree !! It’s a beautiful gift from Norway and I for one am ALWAYS grateful for their gesture.”

48. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I think the saying goes .Beautiful tree and lovely tradition thank you, Norway.”

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