All of And Just Like That’s most exciting new romances, plus how the existing Sex and the City relationships have evolved

If there’s one thing that’s synonymous with Sex and the City, it’s the single life.

Yet a first glance at the trailer for the show’s reboot, And Just Like That, would suggest little potential for the juicy romantic plot lines of yesteryears. 

At the end of the original Sex and the City series, we saw the foursome happily coupled up – but only after six seasons worth of flings, short dalliances and on-off relationship drama that kept Miranda, Carrie, Charlotte & Samantha (and viewers!) on their toes and provided hour upon hour of entertainment and relatable romantic plot lines. 

Even Big & Carrie – the show’s most noteworthy couple – keep us guessing until the show’s final episode, leaving Carrie free to have relationships with Aidan, Berger, Aleksandr Petrovsky,  et. al. 

Carrie, Miranda & Charlotte remained one-man women in both SATC films (all apart from Carrie’s snog with Aidan in the second film). And while Samantha breaks off her long-term relationship with Smith in the first Sex and the City movie, as we know her character isn’t in the reboot.

And so we got to thinking… with a whole new 10-part series out, where’s the romance coming from? Thankfully, after watching the first two episodes, we have a much better idea of what’s to come. Here are the exciting new couplings on the horizon (spoiler alerts incoming)…

And Just Like That new romances

Miranda and Che

James Devaney

From watching the second episode, it’s impossible not to notice the chemistry between Miranda and podcast host Che Diaz, who is the franchise’s first non-binary character. The pair initially clash after Che shares a cannabis pipe with Miranda’s teenage son, but later make it up in a sweet exchange which definitely seems flirtatious, with Che jokingly calling Miranda “Rambo” and calling her defensive parenting is “very cool”.

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