Aldi Has Opened A Champagne Bar In The West End With Glasses From Just £2.33

Rub your eyes, we promise this isn’t a dream.

The words “Champagne” and “cheap” are rarely uttered in the same breath when you’re out in central London. But Aldi are here to buck that trend in style.

Until Sunday (December 12), you have the chance to drink Champagne in the West End for just £2.33(!!) a glass, the retail price for their own-brand. And if that wasn’t cheap enough, Champagne-based cocktails will be on offer for as little as £1.09.

Head into “Vueve”, the illusionary bar with glasses of champagne that quite literally are cheap as chips — and that part is no illusion. For a few days, it’ll be officially known as the UK’s cheapest Champagne bar, in one of the most expensive areas you’ll find on these shores. Head to a nearby bar afterwards, and you’ll likely receive a bill seven times more than at ALDI’s Vueve.

Upon opening on Wednesday (December 8), curious customers were stunned as they were invited in to sample the Champagne, unaware of the price or the supermarket behind the idea. They were asked to guess the price for a glass of their sample, and estimated it should cost around £13.50, given the location, while also noting it tasted like Moet & Chandon.

Aldi’s own-brand of Champagne is now the second best-selling in the country, retailing at £13.99 per bottle. Customers at the nation’s cheapest Champagne can also sip on Veuve Monsigny Rosé (£2.83 a glass), Zerozecco (49p a glass) and a selection of Champagne cocktails (from £1.09 to £2.69) created by leading mixologist Pritesh Mody.

Plus, the decoration matches what you’d of a typical west end champagne bar, touched off with a marvellous festive decoration to complement the teal velvet, brushed gold and marble interior.

According to research from Aldi, the nation will collectively drink 480 million glasses of the bubbly stuff over Christmas, so it’s only polite that you begin the indulgence in a luxurious setting that slashes those prices that make you start tearing up. Come on, it’s Christmas after all!

Find Aldi’s bar, “Vueve”, at 14 Gees Court, St Christopher’s Place (nearest station is Bond Street) until December 12. Browse the supermarket’s Champagne here.

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