There’s no deny us Brits love a crisp and its reported we eat a whopping 6 billion packets of crisps a year. Whilst some of us like to play it safe with a trusty ready salted, the flavours are getting more extravagant and obscure as the years go on. Christmas is no different, and as it’s the season to indulge we thought we would do a roundup of the best Christmas crisps to tuck into over the festive period. From supermarket saves to boujee bags, we’ve got you covered, especially with those party hangovers coming up..

Co-Op | Cheddar Cheese & Truffle Crisps

Co-Op are known for their crisp game and are constantly bringing out limited-edition flavours. Their current spesh Christmas bags include cheddar cheese & truffle (boujee), roast potato, pigs in blankets and slightly-unrelated-to-Christmas-but-whatever Korean fried chicken. Co-Op also have released some gravy puffs, which are a little less indulgent and may sound a bit like a bag of dog treats, but are no doubt flavoursome.

Savoursmiths | Wagyu Beef & Honey Mustard Crisps

Want to impress your guests these Christmas? Crack open a bag of Savoursmiths, the super luxe crisps that are stocked in the likes of Harvey Nics and Harrods. Their extravagant flavours include wagyu beef with honey mustard and Italian cheese & port. We’d recommend going all out and popping a bottle of the good stuff with these crisps.

Waitrose | Turkey & Stuffing Christmas Tree Tortillas

The only thing better than normal tortillas are Christmas tree shaped tortillas, which is what Waitrose have created this year. Not only do these look good, but the tortillas are flavoured with turkey and stuffing seasoning, one of the best duos at Christmas.

Mackie’s | Boxing Day Curry Crisps

Scottish brand Mackie’s may be best known for their ice cream but they also do pretty banging crisps too. They like to experiment with flavours, releasing crisps like haggis & pepper and scotch bonnet. To celebrate Christmas this year they have created limited edition crisps dedicated to the nation’s favourite Boxing Day dish – the Boxing Day curry. The company have decided to only make 250,000 bags of them so don’t miss out.

Tesco Finest | Maple & Chilli Parsnip Crisps

Whilst potatoes are the go to for crisps, veg alternatives can be just as tasty. Tesco have put their own Christmas spin on parsnip crisps and pimped them with chilli and maple. The festive crisps pack a kick, are vegan and a nice change to the standard spud, plus if they are veg they are healthy right?

Marks & Spencer | Winterberry & Fizz Crisps

Whilst we are used to sipping on our fizz at Christmas, we are also open to eating it too. Marks & Spencer’s Winterberry fizz hand-cooked crisps are a strange addition to their festive crisp range, but honestly we don’t mind them. The sweet/salty combo somehow works and are guaranteed to raise an eyebrow or two at your next dinner party.

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