Tickets To London’s Wondrous ‘Nature Illuminated’ Experience Are Now On Sale

We all love to get lost in nature but when the blanket of night falls it’s a little harder to soak up the scenery. Luckily, Nature Illuminated has the answer. This upcoming February you’ll be able to experience the four seasons on a single evening walk, thanks to some technological wizardry with psychedelic colours and incredible sculptures. Like strolling through a glowing paradise, this illuminated nature trail will have you torn between immortalising it all with photos or simply basking in the brilliance of the colourful light displays.

The location of this spellbinding trail is still under wraps, but we do know it will be in a stunning garden somewhere in the labyrinth of London. Once there, you’ll be invited to walk along a serpentine trail that leads you through the four seasons in the space of an hour. Each one bathed in the light of their unique elemental colours and featuring those familiar natural occurrences that we associate them with.

We may be experiencing the twinkling frost of winter when Nature Illuminated arrives in London, but it will transport you through the year with each step you take. Stroll through an autumnal forest, where the tangle of branches and leaves are lit with a fiery mosaic of colour, before entering into a winter world of white, adorned with snowflakes and shining crystals that gleam in the cold misty air. Spring is a time of rebirth; flowers start to bloom and emerald sweeps across the blades of previously frost-covered grass – colour is painted onto the ivory canvas of Mother Nature once more. Then, you’ll be immersed in the kaleidoscope of flora and fauna that is summer, where warmth seems to emanate from every corner and life practically pulses with a newfound vitality.

This illuminated journey will be one for the memory books. As light and nature collide in an explosion of colour, there will also be immersive sounds that capture the essence of each season, making for a truly sensorial adventure that blurs the line between reality and technology. It is open to all ages, so while you might be amazed at the fascinating displays just imagine what the little ones will think.

Nature Illuminated: The Harmony of the Seasons

Secret Location London

From £14.00