A Thought-Provoking Titanic Exhibition Has Docked In London

A real-life story of heroism, tragedy and class divides, the tale of the Titanic features in countless history books, films and TV series. However, there is seldom a chance to see the elements we have read about in real life… until now. Step back in time to learn the true history of those aboard the doomed ship at Titanic: The Exhibition, which has arrived at Dock X in Canada Water to teach you all about the truths of this famous ship’s fateful voyage.

The exhibition’s arrival marks the first time that this incredible collection of artefacts have been displayed on these shores. Featuring original objects belonging to passengers, recreations of the ship’s interior, and moving recollections of heroism from those who survived, it’s truly unmissable stuff.

Titanic the Exhibition

More than a century after the 1912 tragedy, Titanic: The Exhibition – created by award-winning events producer, Musealia – displays around 200 objects from passengers, retelling a very human side to the story of the ship’s sinking. You’ll be able to tour eight rooms during this emotional exhibition, featuring life-size replicas of some of the ship’s areas. As you set foot in the humble third-class cabin or opulent first-class suite, you can listen to the testimony of survivors on a dynamic audio guide, which also features music and sound effects (make sure you bring your headphones though!).

We got the chance to visit the exhibition recently, and let me tell you: it’s a powerful, fascinating glimpse into the the doomed ship and its crew and passengers. It’s the little details that really pull on your emotions; letters to families and friends, a pocketbook of prayers, and a pair of child’s shoes are just some of the objects that tell amazing stories and evoke powerful feelings. So often, the temptation here is to rush through eagerly in search of the next scene, but Titanic: The Exhibition encourages you to take your take and dwell on each object in turn.

Titanic the Exhibition
Cabin reconstruction at Titanic: The Exhibition

Throughout the exhibition, you’ll follow the transatlantic liner’s life, from conception to current state, unravelling true tales through photographs and personal belongings as you go. The gripping experience is suitable for all age groups, so grab your family and friends and prepare to head back in time…

Titanic: The Exhibition

From £19.90