Stuck in an interiors rut? Here are 8 budget-friendly home transformation tips, now that we’re WFH (again)

As an interior designer, I think it is always good to change spaces, as what may have worked for you in one phase of your life may not always work for another. Our homes and interiors should grow with us, and you will find that as you go through your life your tastes will change, make sure these a reflected in your home.”

Rearrange your furniture

Rearrange furniture to give a new perspective on the space (maybe you live differently from when you first set out the room/space). If you live in open-plan spaces you can even flip whole rooms, changing the flow of your home.

Create a gallery wall

Rehang your artwork in a “gallery wall” style or move it around in your house to give a completely different feel and aesthetic.


Be clever with lighting

Remember lighting! Add in mood lighting or use lighting to create more distinct zones (like a floor lamp in a reading area).

Add some plants

Plants bring so much life to a room and you can mix different textures from small succulents to large leafy floor standing plants. Houseplants are a huge addition to any space but the vessel they are placed in is equally important. If your pot isn’t particularly attractive, a quick and inexpensive upgrade is to place them in decorative woven baskets which can be purchased at your local garden centre or favourite accessories shop.


Add a lick of paint

Paint your furniture, this is particularly relevant to kitchens. If you change the paint colour and change the handles you can completely reimagine a space.

Upcycle your furniture

Reupholstering your furniture can instantly change the interiors of space and give a room a new lease of life. We encourage this with many of our projects now, as it is also sustainable and leads to less waste – we like to call it luxcycling! Make sure when you buy new furniture, you can change it yourself.

Get clever with scents

Don’t overlook our sense of smell! A new scent, whether it’s a candle, diffuser, or room spray, will immediately change the feeling of a space. Consider rotating scents with the seasons, as you would do your wardrobe.


Use mirrors to create space

Don’t underestimate the value of reflection in a room. Large mirrors act like a window by day and amplify ambient light at night.

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