The biggest TikTok beauty trends of 2021, from ’90s makeup to soap brows

TikTok is the queen bee when it comes to social media, and in 2021, TikTok beauty trends filled our feeds and our makeup bags alike. As far as setting trends go, it’s not just army pants and flip flops that the site can cement overnight, it’s experimental eyeliner looks, clever brow-fluffing techniques and the latest Y2K glossy lip combo. The app has billions of beauty lewks and techniques going viral on a daily basis, which means the rest of us can pick up some inspo and life-changing hack or two. But of it’s beauty smash-hits, which have scored best during 2021? 

Luckily for us, a new Skindex report, by luxury beauty brand Clarins, has broken down the top 30 TikTok beauty trends over the past year. We take a look below…

Perhaps unsurprisingly, graphic liner has taken the top spot. 2021 was the year we wanted to break away from our everyday beauty uniform and introduce new twists to keep our makeup interesting. Hence, graphic liner (which takes our classic winged liner a step further) has been huge. In fact it’s brought in over 645 million views. NBD.

It’s a classic for a reason, the trad cat eye has held its own with over 400 million views because a) it looks so chic and b) we’ll take all the tips we can get. But (whispers) heading into 2022, a new rendition is taking off. Kitten eyeliner is the trend’s cool little sister, so if you haven’t heard about it already, you’re about to. 

Soap brows have been big for a while, but despite some rogue brow looks making a splash earlier this year (more on that below), the brushed up look is still the top trend for brows with over 220 million views.

4. Ombre lips

Ombre lips started taking off in Korea, then hit top and exploded in the west. Now the multi-tonal lip look has over 244 million views.

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Smoky eyes may be timeless, but there’s also endless ways to spin them which is why we keep coming back for more views (over 190 million of them).

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This year has seen escapism infiltrate our beauty looks and glitter lips are a cute example of that with over 185 million views. 

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Skinimalism was one of 2021’s biggest trends. Rather than concentrating on makeup to cover spots, we switched focus to upping our skincare ante to ensure our base was as perfect as possible, then obvs, we looked for trends that would showcase all that hard work. Healthy, sheeny glass skin had over 182 million views.

8. Faux freckles

A cute addition to our makeup, faux freckles continued to take off throughout 2021 with techniques becoming more experimental and long-lasting – fake tan freckles anyone? The trend brought in over 164 million views.