The 2021 New Year’s Resolutions We Didn’t Quite Manage To Stick To

New Year’s Resolutions? Pointless, or necessary?

Whether you make ’em or you don’t – it’s safe to say, having resolutions was pretty laughable during 2020 and 2021. With the pandemic still controlling much of our lives, we pretty much achieved nothing. Unless you count completing the entire Netflix library as achieving something. Anyway, in case you needed some inspiration for 2022, here’s what we originally set out to achieve both last year and this year… To no avail.

1. Socialise more

A popular rezzy in the (virtual) Secret Media offices. It looks like a lot of us wanted to properly re-connect with friends and make more of an effort with those we hold near and dear. Whether it was to meet new friends, or simply spend time with those we already had – it’s safe to say, this one was still not exactly easy in 2021. Zoom quiz, anyone?

2. Visit a new place every month

Credit: Unsplash

Be it a UK national park that we’d never visited, or a brand new shiny country to explore – we weren’t planning on turning our noses up at anywhere this year. Obviously, COVID had other plans for us. Another trip to the fridge? We think so.

3. Actually go to spin class

Credit: Pexels

Damn, I actually meant it this year… I’ll have to wait until the pandemic is over now.

4. Eat better

Credit: Pexels

Joe Wicks had finally gotten to us, and we were actually planning to get into some kind of healthy food regime. We could have stuck to this one, but with on-and-off lockdowns, we felt it our personal responsibility to support our local restaurants while they were closed. So basically, we sacked this one off for the greater good.

5. Take more photos

Credit: Unsplash

This one came hand in hand with travelling more, but photography was a common hobby our team wanted to take up. We took some nice photos of our boring four walls, at least. And our dogs.

6. Spend less money

Credit: Unsplash

You’d think after being ordered to stay at home with nowhere to go during a global pandemic would help us save money, but it was quite the opposite. In fact, I think we spent more. From homeware and exercise equipment, to toastie makers and new clothes to “make us feel better” – there wasn’t much we didn’t spend our hard-earned cash on this year. Oops.