Whether you’re loved up, looking or not interested, this is what 2022 has in store for your love life, according to your star sign

Loved up?: If an old lover can handle the new you, you’ll know they’re a keeper in 2022. But this isn’t the time to let a relationship you’ve outgrown hold you back! That doesn’t mean you should throw one away on a whim, just listen to that famous Scorpio intuition and follow your heart. You’re going places this year Scorpio, with or without them. 

Looking?: If it feels like everyone wants a piece of you as 2022 begins it’s because they do! In fact, you might have to get your admirers to form an orderly queue! Fun, flirtation and a spell in the spotlight await you but there’s more to this year than swiping right! Relationship revelations abound in 2022 with eclipses taking place in your love zone in April and November. Don’t settle for anything less than pure magic, Scorpio.

Not interested?: Ditch the dating apps and you might just swerve the flirt fest that’s headed your way this year! But know that even if you don’t, there’s respite headed your way this summer. Health, work and wellbeing all fall into focus for you as sundowner season kicks off, showing you that sometimes you really do need to put yourself first.


22 November–20 December

There’s been a lot of soul-searching in Sag world lately so it’s no surprise you feel like you’re owed some romantic fun in 2022. You are! You just might have to wait it out till May for the action to begin. Until then, you’re being called to address a family, home or living situation that threatens to rock your foundations. Perhaps you have a big move to discuss? Or an important decision to make about your future? Either way, a period of retreat awaits you as the year begins. The fun part will be worth the wait, though. Turn on the charm in March and you might just be ready to throw yourself in at the deep end by June. And it’s all eyes on you this autumn. 

Loved up?: If something needs saying you’re usually the one to say it! And while that Sagittarian honesty really is the best policy, you might need to switch up your delivery in 2022. If you’re ready to take a romance to the next level the cosmos has got your back as the year begins. You’re being urged to strengthen your foundations, commit to a new way of life and embrace someone for who they really are. If you want it, you’ve got it!

Looking?: It might feel like your love life is in slo-mo mode as 2022 begins but really it’s just warming up. A March flirtation could become something bigger by June and there will be no shortage of DM slides coming your way this summer. If one of them is your wayward ex, the answer should still be ‘No’… but you knew that already, right?

Not interested?: There’s a healing, health-conscious vibe to 2022 for Sagittarius that could mean love is the last thing on your mind. Just don’t expect everyone else to get the memo. Your charm is magnetic at the best of times but this summer it could be off the scale. Hit delete on the dating apps if you really mean business. 


21 December–19 January

You’ve got the power to achieve anything you want in 2022, Capricorn – you just need to decide what exactly that is! Spend some time reassessing a relationship at the year begins and you’ll soon come to the right conclusion. It really doesn’t need to be this hard! Communication is key if you want to move a situation out of the friend zone and a big move could be on the cards this summer. Don’t wait for someone else to take the lead, Capricorn. Decisions you make this year will have a serious impact on your romantic future.