Here’s what your horoscope has in store for you this December…

New year, new Leo? The party’s over and you know it, lovely lion! So wave goodbye to the late nights, dig out your running shoes and let’s get back on track. Get your health and wellbeing goals set in stone by the 2 January new moon and don’t even think about looking back. Whether you’re quitting the booze, hitting the gym or finally learning how to relax, magic awaits on the other side of this January wellness mission. A relationship you thought was back on track could hit a bump in the road around mid January thanks to Mercury taking a backspin in your love zone. You say you’re all about communication, Leo, but listening isn’t the same as waiting to speak. Switch up your approach and the connection you seek won’t be far behind. The 17 January full moon beams into your healing twelfth house urging you to seek closure, protect your mental health and get real about ways you can live differently in 2022. There’s no time like the present, Leo. Your relationships are back in focus as Aquarius season begins (from 20 January) but you’ll need to put some effort in. Leo loves to adore and be adored but if the give/take balance has slipped in a romance a bust up could be on the cards. By the end of the month things will be cool, calm and way more collected. Where your focus goes energy flows in 2022, Leo. Make sure you’re directing attention where you most want to see a difference. 

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MANTRA FOR THE MONTH: Take care of yourself. 


23 August–22 September

If anyone can hit up 2022 with a positive spring in their step it’s you, Virgo. You always have your best ideas in Capricorn season and this year is no exception. Make space in your life to do the things that inspire you and a creative plan with the power to change everything could soon follow. Just don’t wait too long to get started, Virgo! Strike while it’s fresh in your mind! The 2 January new moon is the perfect time to set intentions and make plans that make you feel excited to be alive. You’ve got romantic luck on your side as January begins but that doesn’t mean you’re immune to the perils of Venus retrograde (until 29 January). Take care with the heart that matters to you most and try to keep your work/life balance in check. Yep, this might be easier said than done for a Virgo on a mission for change in 2022, but you’ll find a way. Try not to let a health kick slip up derail you as January plays out, either. Perfection might be the Virgo way but in this instance good enough really is better. The 17 January full moon beams into your social eleventh house firing up your networking skills to perfection. There’s someone you need to meet this month, someone with the power to change your future in the best possible way. Just make sure you’re paying attention when the moment arrives! Enjoy any downtime you can find because by the end of January you’ll have some serious work to do. This, Virgo, is the big one!