Gousto recipe boxes are, hands down, the easiest & most delicious way to eat more plant-based or veggie meals

My box came straight to my door one Monday afternoon, containing fresh, pre-portioned ingredients for the recipes I had chosen. Anything which needed to be refrigerated was packed with an ice pack and insulated carefully, and there was even a cute little folder so that I could start to keep all of my favourite recipes in one place. A bit like a really personal cookbook

My concentration span after a long day working from home is not the greatest, so it was a welcome touch that the recipes were super easy to follow. Plus, the cards were actually made of card – unlike some other meal delivery services – so they withstood the wear and tear of a hot and busy kitchen. 

Even though everything was pre-portioned, I still felt like a proper “cook” and got a real sense of achievement when I’d finished.

Besides the absolutely delicious meals I was cooking every night (the Pasanda genuinely tasted like a takeaway curry despite being fresh and healthy), my favourite part about Gousto was how easy it made cooking for one. 

I had a two-person recipe box, but I was always able to save a portion for lunch the following day. Eggs on toast, be gone! Portion control isn’t usually my strongest point, but I felt satisfied by the filling yet smaller portions Gousto offered.

Are Gousto meals healthy?

Yes. I’d safely declare Gousto meals healthy, especially if you’re currently relying on lots of processed food and ready meals to get through the week. If you want to cut back on portion sizes or lose weight, you can filter recipes by Calorie Controlled or Healthy Choices. Elsewhere, every dish in every other category is nutritionally balanced, packed full of fruit and veg and made from the freshest of ingredients. 

Need further proof? This January, Gousto has launched 16 new healthy and balanced recipes for January in collaboration with Joe Wicks. Celebrating variety, the range includes veg-packed meals and lighter twists on classics like Carbonara – and everything is totally delicious. 

Joe, who is a long term Gousto ambassador, said: “Cutting out all the things you love is not fun and it’s never sustainable, so the best approach to happy, healthy eating this year is to find a bit of balance. Gousto’s new range goes big on the flavours you’ll love and is also packed full of veggies. You’ll even find lots of favourites like Fish & Chips or a Cheeseburger to satisfy those cravings with some clever twists and swaps that keep it lighter – what’s not to love?” 

Does Gousto offer vegan dishes?

Yes! Gousto has an excellent vegan offering – making it one of the best vegan meal delivery services around. In fact, their plant-based menu has just got a hell of a lot better with thanks to their Plant Bistro range – including a flavour-rich array of plant-based twists on favourite comfort food classics. 

Gousto’s chefs have developed a flavour-rich array of plant-based twists on favourite comfort food classics like the Plant-Based Spaghetti Carbonara, Tofu ‘Fish’ Fingers, Minty Peas & Tartare Sauce and Plant-Based Bacon Cheeseburger. There’s even a Beetroot Wellington With Onion Gravy, to supercharge that Sunday nut roast. There are also options such as Plant-Based Lentil & Mushroom Lasagne, Smoky Pulled Aubergine Tacos With Avocado Salsa and Plant-Based Peanut Butter Tofu Pad Thai. EPIC.