Water bottles with filters are just the ticket for improving your daily H2O intake

As much as I hate to admit it, a cold glass of water really does solve a lot of issues. I often find myself with a headache in the afternoon and wonder why, when, in reality, I’ve not had a drink since my 9am coffee. There’s no denying how renewed I feel after chugging a pint of aqua if my mouth feels like the Sahara Desert. But, if we’re being honest, water is boring. Plus, who actually knows how much water you should drink everyday?

In order to incorporate good ol’ H2O throughout my day-to-day, I need flavour. Or at least water that tastes a little more crisp. Y’know: something a little bit more exciting. That’s where water bottles with filters come in. Aside from the fact that they filter out all the bad stuff like impurities and chemicals, filtered water bottles also allow you to add things like chopped fruit for a tasty infusion without all the bits. Yum.

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Why should I buy a filtered water bottle? Do water bottle filters really work?

Water bottles with filers filter out the impurities in your H2O for a fresher, purer taste. Need proof? Take a look at some of the reviews on Amazon for the filtered water bottles in this edit: many people swear by the fact that their water tastes a hell of a lot crisper – sans any metallic flavours or bacteria. 

Water bottles with filters fall into two main camps: some filter out the impurities in your water, while others filter fruit, tea bags and other flavours to leave you with a delicious drink. Others? Well, they do both. 

And how do they work? Some water bottles with filters work as soon as you pour the liquid into the bottle, like the LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis, and others do so as you drink from it, like the BRITA Water Filter Bottle. Either way you get the same result: clean water.

If you already own a filtered water jug (PSA, you should) and couldn’t live without it, then chances are you’re going to love the on-the-go version. While you could just fill up a normal water bottle at home with said jug, what do you do when you’ve drunk it all? A filtered water bottle allows you to top up anywhere and still enjoy that fresh taste. Think of it as a crisp refreshment in your handbag at all times.

Our lives are constantly adapting, especially in the past two years, so with an ever-changing routine it’s nice to have a trusty water bottle by your side to ensure you get the hydration you need. You could take it with you to the office in your work bag, slot it onto a spinning bike or treadmill while working out, or keep it perched on your coffee table while you lounge about at home. In short, you’ll use it all the time.

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