11 Amazing Immersive Experiences In London That You’ve Just Got To Try In 2022

Discover amazing immersive experiences in London, from drinking to art shows, and from dining to theatre performances.

Well, if ever there was a time to escape this reality for a jazzier, more exciting one, 2022 is the year to do it. Happily, London has a wealth of immersive experiences for you to tackle, and whether you’re whether you’re stepping inside Van Gogh’s paintings, solving the city’s mysteries with Sherlock, or joining an enchanting Bridgerton ball, there are plenty of worlds to explore! Here are the immersive experiences in London we reckon you’ve just got to try in 2022.

Immersive experiences

The Secret Cinema crew are returning with another of their winsome immersive experiences – this time, they’ve teamed up with event discovery maestros Fever to bring Netflix’s massive hit Bridgerton to London this February, in the form of a glittering Regency ball. It’s the social event of the season, a three-hour immersive affair that transports you to 1813 London for an evening of music, mingling, and plenty of other activities, inside a jaw-dropping venue that’s been dressed up to the nines. A string quartet will serenade you with their take on pop classics, and because no Bridgerton ball could be complete without the stars of the show, an enchanting light show will bring your favourite Bridgerton moments to life around you. It’ll be an event to remember, and rumour has it that Queen Charlotte herself will be attending… Pick up your tickets here to join the soiree.

Two people watch the sunflowers bloom at London's immersive Van Gogh exhibition.

Step into the works of Vincent Van Gogh at this truly breathtaking art experience, which uses state-of-the-art 360-degree video projection to bring the famed artist’s works to life. Ever wondered what it’d be like to look up at a Starry Night, or see the birds fly through Wheatfield with Crows? Well, you’ll be able to do just that at this incredible exhibition, which literally brings every brush stroke to life. Don’t miss out on the VR experience, either, which invites you to wander through Arles and see the inspiration for Van Gogh’s paintings unfold before you. It’s an entirely new way to experience art, and one of London’s finest immersive experiences. You can pick up your tickets here.

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Immersive experiences

Facing a crime wave, London needs the help of a certain ‘high-functioning sociopath.’ The only problem is, he’s gone missing, and the task of finding him has fallen to the heroes no-one expected: you lot. Across the course of a 90-minute game that’s been brought to life by the creators of the hit BBC show, you’ll hunt high and low for clues, and get help from some useful video snippets featuring the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and Andrew Scott. You’ll also probably end up shouting ‘Elementary!’ a lot… Find your tickets here.

Money Heist

The infamous masked bandits from Netflix hit Money Heist are planning their new attack and they’re looking for new members. Do you have what it takes to join the infamous gang as they take over the Big Smoke? If you’re up for the challenge, grab your mask and don your red jumpsuit to join the team. Featuring awesome special effects, live action and plenty of unexpected surprises, Money Heist: The Experience will have you breaking into an impenetrable building – at least, until you come along… Grab your tickets here to take part in the heist.

Mind Palace

Once you’ve tackled the Sherlock live game, pop your feet up for a drink at The Mind Palace! This Sherlock inspired speakeasy is the perfect place for all drinking detectives. In The Case of the Poisoned Chalice, Sebastian Moran (Moriarty’s right-hand man) has brought you to The Mind Palace to test you… Can you defeat this maniac’s mind and make the perfect cocktail, or will you submit to his wiles and make a deadly drink? From the makers of Sherlock: The Game Is Now comes a new immersive gaming experience for those who like tricks and tipples. Book tickets here.


Enjoy a meal cooked by a MasterChef winner inside a classic train carriage on The Murdér Express. You’ll be whisked back in time to the glamour of the 1800’s and choose from a range of delectable cocktails at the Sevin Sins bar, before boarding a lavish 19th century train carriage at Pedley Street Station. Destination? Murdér, France – but will everyone make it there alive? Get your tickets here.

Be sentenced to Alcotraz and learn the secrets of its longest ‘serving’ inmate to become an expert in the art of prison hooch. Inmate 88 wants to pass his tips and tricks learned after years of smuggling liquor behind bars onto some fresh fish. He will be talking you through three special brews in a private ward of the prison, out of sight of The Warden. One of the crooked guards will be on hand to help keep the operation a secret and ensure you and the other inmates aren’t suspected of a thing. You will learn the stories and history behind each criminal cocktail, and each inmate will make (and drink!) each drink. Find your tickets here.

Moonshine Saloon

Cowboys and cowgirls, ramblers and gamblers, and all kinds of shady characters fill the Moonshine Saloon. Leave your morals at the door, because you’ll be operating away from the prying eyes of the Sheriff. Once you step off the street, you’ll enter a scarily real-looking Wild Western street, where the Saloon’s friendly tailor will kit you out with a Stetson hat and the rest of your cowboy gear. You’ll also need to BYOB to get a misty taste of moonshine, which the barkeeps will transform your booze into personalised cocktails, evoking a true taste of the Old West. Tickets can be found here.

Enjoy a delicious six-course tasting menu on an decommissioned Victoria line Tube train, making for an evening like no other. It’s consuming over commuting in this unique dining experience, which features dishes inspired by the food heritage of Latin America. And don’t worry, this time, you’re guaranteed a seat! Book your spot here.

Klimt the immersive exhibition

Klimt: The Immersive Exhibition will take many of the symbolist artist’s works and digitally project them from floor to ceiling, combining them with other immersive elements to provide visitors with a 360-degree look at his masterpieces. Arriving in the capital in July, the multi-sensory experience will provide insights into more than just the Austrian artist’s work; it will also chronicle his life, techniques and influences. A 10-minute virtual reality experience will take you through a day in Klimt’s life, and striking sound effects will bring the exhibit to life further. Book your tickets here.

We all love to get lost in nature, but when the blanket of night falls, it’s a little harder to soak up the scenery. Luckily, Nature Illuminated has the answer. Thanks to some technological wizardry with psychedelic colours and incredible sculptures, the illuminated nature trail will take you through autumn, winter, spring and summer with a series of bewitching light displays. Expect glowing paradises filled with flowers, icy wonderlands with glistening snowflakes and forests projected with a red-orange patchwork of falling leaves. Get your ticket here.

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