20 Million Seeds Will Be Planted At The Tower Of London’s Moat For A Garden Celebrating The Platinum Jubilee

Bring on summer 2022!

While the famous Tower Of London Ice Rink and their pirouetting beefeaters may not have graced us over Christmas, the royal grounds may just have something extra special up their sleeves.

To celebrate Queen Elizbeth II’s platinum jubilee, the Tower Of London plans to hold a big ol’ shubz at their historic spot, with plans for a garden in the moat to celebrate 70 years on the throne. Add this to the extra bank holiday next year plus a schedule of performances, and it already seems like 2022 is going to be one big royal party.

Garden of the moat mockup

A role-reversal for the moat – which once kept enemies out – is on the cards, and “Superbloom” is set to be one of the sights of the summer. Its grand unveiling, after 20 million seeds are planted this spring, is pencilled in for June 1, with new patterns erupting across the space until September 18.

Not only will it be easy on the eyes and smell incredible (just remember those hay fever tablets!), there are also plans for a “specially commissioned sound installation and sculptural elements will draw visitors in and make you feel at home amongst the bees and butterflies,” – making this a true multi-sensory occasion!

Superbloom is said to be the first stage of a permanent transformation of the moat to create a new natural landscape in the city of London. The famous spot is hoped to become a new welcoming habitat for pollinators, insects and seed-eating birds.

You’ll find Superbloom on display from June 1 – September 18, and is slated to remain in the moat as a permanent Jubilee legacy. You can read more about the project and book tickets here. The public viewing path requires a free ticket, but full Superbloom access starts at £11 for adults.