20 Beauty Treatments To Do While You Hibernate This Winter

If your plan for the colder months is to hibernate and emerge in April all squeaky clean and fresh, then consider this your how to guide. The winter months are the perfect time to swot up on your beauty knowledge, correct reoccurring mishaps, and practice your at-home treatments. So, whether you’re hoping to master a bouncy blow dry, glow-up your skin, or give yourself a full MOT, take advantage of the dark evenings and indulge yourself in one (or all) of these beauty treatments so you’ll be seriously revived come spring. 

There is no beauty treatment more effective than sleep. Eight hours sleep a night could be the remedy to fine lines, wrinkles, eye bags, age spots, UV damage, and your overall happiness. Beauty sleep isn’t a cliché, it’s science. 


One of those beauty treatments that you always promise yourself you’ll get round to doing but never really have the time. When really, whitening your teeth takes no more than an hour with the results lasting for up to two weeks. Brighter, whiter smiles for summer please. 


Mastering the art of waxing will without doubt save a lot of trips to the salon during your hibernation, and that’s exactly what you need rn. Whether it’s your brows, face, legs, under arms, or intimate areas, learning to wax at-home is the number one hibernation beauty treatment. 


Spas are lovely an all, but you have to leave the house to get to them, and if you’re reading this, you already know you don’t want to leave the house. Instead, run yourself a steamy bath weekly sans bubbles, and add calming salts for the ultimate spa experience less than 50 steps from your bed. Bliss. 


When was the last time you gave your hands a treat? Honestly? They do, after all, feed you, care for you, wash you, scroll through TikTok for you. They deserve 20 minutes off to rest and recharge like all of us. Surely your hibernation can grant them that. 


A good old peeling foot mask is exactly what hibernation calls for. It works both ways really; you have the time to treat your feet, and you’ll also have no plans so no one will see the aftermath of a peeling foot mask. An activity best done alone. 

You probably already had this on your list of your hibernation activities, but a just a gentle reminder! Masturbation isn’t only a great activity to pass the time, but it’s also proven to reduce stress, release tension, enhance sleep, and boost self-confidence. Especially helpful in the gloomy winter months. 


Hot central heating, blistering cold temperatures, heated blankets, woolly hats, boiling hot showers. Your hair must be exhausted. Use your hibernation time to rescue your winter worn locks with regular hair masks and treatments. Summer hair is made in winter. 


If you’re a regular at the facialists, then this one is for you. Investing in a fancy bit of tech won’t only save you from leaving the house, it will also help you become your own dermatologist without changing out of your pyjama pants. Salon-worthy skincare has never been this easy. 


The pursuit of perfect nails tends to be the force pulling us out of hibernation but learning the art of your own manicure can a) keep you warm inside and b) teach you a new skill. Hibernation is nothing if it isn’t productive. 


Gua shas and facial rollers were the unofficial mascots of the 2020/21 lockdowns, and rightly so in our opinion. Known as the ‘Botox of the East’ these ancient Chinese beauty tools can help to do everything from lifting and firming the skin to increasing the absorption of skincare ingredients. 

Click the links to learn the art of gua sha-ing and facial rolling


You might think dermaplaning is a skill best left to a beauty technician but if we can do it, then so can you. Haul yourself the tools and read our handy guide to dermaplaning here


Light therapy is another salon treatment you can do at home while waiting for your pasta to cook. All you need to do is chose your setting, find your fave TV series, and wait for the light mask to tackle everything from acne to dullness, C’est magic! 

You can learn more about light therapy here


A common myth of hibernation is that you don’t need to wear tan, but we think that is all wrong. Hibernation is the prime time to scrub away tan build up and perfect your tanning routine once and for all. Treat it as a trial-and-error period that no one will see. We also have some handy advice on perfecting said routine right here


Anyone who has had lash extensions applied at a salon knows that this is an obsession that needs serious intervention to be stopped. So, you might as well use your time at home to learn the lash game for yourself. Your days will be a lot easier without those infill appointments… 


Take it from the people who know, once you’ve mastered the skill of tinting your own eyebrows, your beauty prep becomes a whole lot easier. It really is a skill they should be teaching in schools. 


If you’re not yet on the peeling treatment bandwagon, then this is your sign to join. Designed to help exfoliate away dead and dull skin, unclog pores, and reduce excess oil on all skin types, this is the skincare treatment your weekly routine has been waiting for. Trust. Us. 


Keep getting the urge to dye your hair a wild colour? Now is the time and you know it. Haul the semi-permanent colour in your wish list and take the plunge. Who knows, it could be your next permanent look. 


Don’t be put off by the scary tool, microdermabrasion is the skincare treatment you’ll be telling your friends about. The tiny 0.25mm stainless steel needles make little punctures in the skin (not as scary as it sounds, promise!) which help to promote new skin cell regeneration, as well as encouraging collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines, pores, and hyperpigmentation.