A Brand New Coastal Path Linking The Kent Coast To London Has Just Opened

Get your walking shoes ready, it’s time to hit the coast.

Over the last couple of years, most of us have spent a little too much time indoors due to restrictions. So, it makes sense that many would now want to stretch their legs and have a big old hike

Good news if you think this way, as the latest section of the England Coast Path has just opened, and it links London to the Kent Coast. A mammoth walk coupled with the sea breeze… what could be better, fellow adventurers?

This brand new section offers an uninterrupted 47.12 mile (75.85km) route from the Big Smoke all the way out to Grain, where the Thames Estuary meets the River Medway and the ocean.

You’ll find the route on the south bank of the Thames, beyond the Woolwich Foot Tunnel, and along the way you’ll clap eyes on saltmarshes, creeks, beaches and beaches – not to mention the host of different wildlife to look out for en route.

Plus, there’s historic sites to look out for as you trudge along the path, including the outside area of the Cliffe Fort; the masts of the SS Montgomery; the UK’s largest pylon; and much more. Moreover, you’ll pass right underneath the Queen Elizabeth II road bridge in Dartford, which happens to be the busiest estuary crossing in Europe, and a sign that you’re out of London.

How do I get there?

If you fancy a shorter walk, there’s stations on the way at Woolwich Arsenal, Erith, Slade Green, Greenhithe and Gravesend that you can start or stop at. Unfortunately there is no station at Grain in Kent. You can find full details and travel information over at the National Trails website.

This walk can be enjoyed as a small(er) chunk of the aforementioned England Coast Path project, which is bringing 2,795 miles of trails together across the country. Read about the project here.