Our Top Tips And Tricks To Succeed At The Immersive ‘Money Heist’ Experience

Our secret clues might just help you reach your goal.

The notorious Money Heist masked bandits have been taking over London with the thrilling Money Heist: The Experience. If you’re a daredevil looking to dip your toes into the world of high-stakes crime, this immersive extravaganza is right up your alley. For those lucky enough to triumph in this hair-raising heist, a brand new Havana Club bar, stocked to the brim with fabulous cocktails, awaits you after your mission.

Eager to find out what ingenious tricks will help you succeed in the heist of the year? Well, we’ve got the answers right up our sleeves.

Preparation is key – stretch it out.

For one day only, you and your team will be tasked with pulling off the world’s most spectacular heist. So make sure to limber up and stretch out so you’re prepared to sneak and scuttle around all sorts of daring obstacles in your red jumpsuit!

four people in money heist costumes in a tunnel

Knowledge is power

Dropped smack bang in the middle of the action, find yourself in the iconic Christie’s former auction house. But don’t get too starry-eyed by the dazzling selection of artistic gems. Have your wits about you as you search rooms, break into vaults and try to decipher secret clues… Our exclusive top-tip to solve this juicy selection of dilemmas is to brush up on your European city names. We’ve heard there’s mention of Lisboa, London and Berlin!

havana club money heist themed cocktails

Kickstart your heist with a cocktail

You’ll be able to try a whole menu of delicious themed cocktails at the Havana Club Bar should you successfully complete the experience. But why not enjoy a taste of what’s to come before you embark on your heist? Here’s how to whip up ‘The Professor’, a carefully concocted cocktail inspired by the Money Heist mastermind, at home. Just like the meticulous nature of The Professor himself, this beautiful beverage has been crafted with precision, so each flavour balances perfectly!

The Professor

Havana Club 7yr
Maple syrup
Gomme syrup
Chocolate and angostura bitters

Fill a gold goblet (or any cocktail glass) with ice, and pour in the Havana Club 7yr, maple syrup, Gomme syrup, chocolate and angostura bitters. Mix and garnish with mint to serve.

2 women in red jumpsuits at a money heist x havana club themed bar

And don’t forget, once your 60-minute Money Heist: The Experience sesh has come to an end and you’ve earned a spot in the notorious gang, you can end your night at the Havana Club Bar. Dishing out a menu of killer cocktails, this incredible spot creates top-notch tipples inspired by Money Heist characters. Will you try the Tokyo, the Rio or the Moscow’s Mule?

Money Heist: The Experience – London

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