The chicest, cosiest duvet coats to wear this January (that may just trick your brain into thinking you’re still in bed!)

Let’s be honest, when the weather turns colder there’s little in life that sounds quite as appealing as the phrase ‘duvet coats’.

We may have been treated to a few blue skies this week, but there’s still very much a chill in the air which makes the idea of hunkering down and cosying up an increasingly tempting prospect. But while some are working from home once more there are many who have had to return to the office, and for those people the WFH benefit of starting your morning emails with a coffee in bed, or wrapping the bottom half of your body in a cosy blanket while Zooming your boss, may feel like a distant memory.

Taking your duvet to the office may well be frowned upon – not to mention the faff it would cause while cramming yourself onto the Central Line at 8:30am – but there’s certainly no rule against securing yourself a coat that does the same job. 

Enter: the duvet coat.

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Exactly what it says on the tin, this is a long – beyond knee-length – coat made from layers of padding and insulation which, when wrapped around you, could genuinely be mistaken for an actual duvet.

But it’s not all-substance-no-style. Sure, the duvet coat may once have been reserved solely for the wardrobes of arctic explorers and Mr Arsène Wenger, but there’s no denying that the look has had a real revival in the world of fashion and is now being worn and loved by many of the world’s chicest dressers. Whether that renders Arsène a certified style icon or not remains to be decided…

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But which should you set your sights on this season?

Well, it goes without saying that ‘substance’-wise you can’t go far wrong – with pretty much every duvet coat qualified to trick your brain into thinking you’re still in bed. In terms of ‘style’, however, there are preferences.

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When it comes to matters of length it tends to be a case of the-longer-the-better with duvet coats, but in general you’re looking for one which lands somewhere between your ankle bone and at least an inch or two below your knee.

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The overall textured look of your duvet coat can vary quite widely, which is where you can put your personal stamp on things. While some prefer a smoother puffed canvas like this belted Bershka number (notice that the belt works wonders in terms of giving shape to the flatter canvas), others may sway towards a more traditional ‘puffer’ style coat like Holzweiler’s khaki green take or this cream style from H&M.

If you’re looking for something bang-on-trend, look no further than Totême’s coveted oversized coat, which taps into the season’s quilting obsession. An update to the classic puffer, a quilted coat is a more light-weight option which is perfect for those who find the full force of a puffer a little too bulky when rushing around on busy days.

Other fashion-forward options would be Elleme’s belted coat with quilted patches and oversized sleeves or this super chic asymmetric colour-block coat by Loewe.

Ready to hunker down and cosy up in a duvet coat? Scroll down for our pick of the very best to get your hands on this season…

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