It’s that time of year when lots of you decide to go on a health kick and ditch the animal products, but if you’re not used to eating plant-based it can be a bit daunting knowing where to start – you certainly don’t have to resort to eating leaves. That’s why we’ve got some of our fave foodie influencers to share their top vegan spots in town, including everything from fried chick’n to vegan sushi, which are perfect for Veganuary and beyond.

“There are loads of options but let’s give you guys a treat idea that’s perfect for newbies who want to try Veganuary and that would be: anything at Vurger Co! They have gluten-free options, their mac n cheese is out of their world! And their milkshakes are also insane, plus they have a special menu for Veganuary.”

“Tofu Vegan is my favourite London restaurant at the moment so it’d definitely have to be something from there – probably the wontons in house sauce (check them out in the second photo of this carousel). They’re just perfect, the most delicious soft wontons in a spicy tangy sauce – we order two plates every time we go because it’s the one dish we refuse to share haha!”

“My ‘must devour’ recommendation for Veganuary is the new recipe fried chick’n at Temple of Seitan. As Fat Gay Vegan I’ve worked with a lot of vegan businesses all over London, however, Temple is untouchable when it comes to comfort food. The succulent and tender seitan inside the crispy coating makes me feel like a winner. Ordering it by the bucket makes me feel like a champion.”

“My fave dish is the crispy maki from Holy Carrot 🥕 it’s deffo the best maki i’ve ever had, so nice and crispy and it’s a bit different to usual sushi as they use quinoa instead of rice!”

“I love this mushroom gyros from Smashing Plates, because it’s so good to have new and interesting vegan options at restaurants that wouldn’t be classically vegan.”

“My personal fave burger is the Smoke Smash: double patty, lettuce, pickles, 2 onion rings,  jalapeños, white onions, gouda cheese, mayo & BBQ sauce –  this is unreal! Genuinely a dream burger for me…has the meatiness, the spiciness & the cheesiness so you get the best of all worlds.”