Millie Bobby Brown has cut her hair off in favour of a 20s-inspired ‘flapper bob’

The stylist who cut in Millie’s new look Pete Burkhill, Creative Ambassador at Josh Wood Colour, confirmed it’s far from being a wig it’s the real deal and it was indeed inspired by the Flapper looks of the 1920’s. “Millie really wanted to try a new short hairstyle and had put a lot of work into it with some amazing vintage references. Like a Flapper bob, the hair is pushed as short as possible to have impact, but we also wanted to make it as versatile as possible when it came to styling.”

The defining feature of this modern Flapper bob? “It’s chin-length and really blunt with a sharp perimeter and boxy shape, but has a soft internal texture to allow the natural texture to come through. This allows you to amp it up with volume products and blow it out with a round brush for a chic look, or if you don’t want to style it, you can add a curl cream and allow to it to air dry, but still get a great finish.” 

“Then there’s the eye-skimming fringe, but unlike the trend for deep curtain bangs this is a fine, shallow cut fringe, “ reveals Burkhill. “So it can be clipped back, pushed into a side part or a ponytail and you wouldn’t know it was there.” 

“The fringe and boxy shape are a nod to vintage 20’s bob, but by allowing the hair texture and movement to come through in the cut it makes it modern. Plus the bold colour, she went a lot darker and richer with the colour which adds to the dramatic impact.” He reveals she loved the finished look.  And what’s not to love about a bob that gives you that many options?