N°1 De CHANEL Revitalizing Serum-in-Mist

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] The last of my N°1  De CHANEL products to try is the Revitalizing Serum In Mist. As I’m sure you already know, camellia is a big component of CHANEL skin care – it fits as Coco Chanel’s favourite flower and as a reliable antioxidant for the skin and is full of emollient fatty acids. The N°1  line focuses on naturally derived ingredients and use camellia derived ingredients to the maximum (in this case, 76%).

N°1 De CHANEL Revitalizing Mist

It’s for you if your skin is dull from pollution, you like the instant cooling and calming of a mist but don’t like the dryness some mists can result in once the water has evaporated or you need an over-make-up refresh during the day.

N°1 De CHANEL Revitalizing Mist

The mist feels immediately freshening on the skin (if you can’t face the chill of a winter beauty mist, spritz in the palms of your hands and press onto the complexion) but the dry off is where it differentiates from other mists. The serum part of the formula sits at the top of the bottle like a bi-phase so do make sure that you shake it up before you use it. I think this product will come into its own in the summer months as a pollution protection mist that doesn’t leave any parched feeling to your skin – in fact, while it doesn’t feel that you’ve actively moisturised your skin, you’ll find that your complexion feels smoothed and flexible.

N°1 De CHANEL Revitalizing Mist

You can think of it as a kind of flash balm mist – a great perker-upper when you need it which I think won’t be as part of a skin care routine morning and evening but an incidental use (ideally I’d like to see a handbag sized one) product. In my head, I’m projecting to hot days when your skin just needs something to stop it feeling sweaty and red and give it back a bit of life. It feels toning to me as well – it’s really the perfect flight mist if you want to arrive looking daisy fresh (I really don’t care how I arrive – there’s never a situation that I need to look my very best to go through passport control). I think the mist is the skin product from the N°1 De CHANEL collection I’d veer towards the most – it’s lovely to have in terms of looking exactly like the luxury item it is, it’s multi-purpose and user friendly and the actives are known for their efficacy.  You can find N°1 De CHANEL Revitalizing Mist HERE for £67.

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