This TikTok-famous hot chocolate maker is just as good as Hotel Chocolat’s £99 velvetiser (but it costs less than £40)

If you’re on the hunt for a hot chocolate maker that makes delicious and decadent hot chocolate, then look no further than Aldi’s Hot Chocolate Maker. Once cast aside as ‘babyish’ and not for adults, the humble hot chocolate is, well, pretty hot right now (especially when it’s served in your all-time favourite coffee mug, complete with fluffy whipped cream and marshmallows, of course).

From top-of-the range coffee machines and milk frothers to coffee subscriptions and stylish kettles – thanks to lockdown and WFH life – being able to make reliable, barista-quality coffee, tea and hot chocolate (from the comfort of our own kitchens) has become the upmost priority. 

And while there are a lot of different ways to make a cosy cup of hot chocolate – some swear by melting chocolate on the hob and gradually adding in milk, others just opt for good old Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate – we can’t deny that Hotel Chocolat’s velvetiser (retailing at £99.95) has become a cult-favourite.

But for those who don’t fancy forking out £100 for what’s essentially just a fancy milk frother, then panic not. Aldi’s Hot Chocolate Maker – at a much more affordable £39.99 – is just as good (if not better).

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What is the Aldi Hot Chocolate Maker?

The easy-to-clean, easy-to-use automatic hot chocolate maker from Aldi heats up to 65°C and froths milk with the touch of a button. Simply choose a chocolate of your choice, such as grated chocolate flakes, crushed Terry’s Chocolate Orange or chopped Kinder Bueno, and pour into the foaming milk while the hot chocolate maker does the rest. The sleek copper clad design features a wide-mouth, so it’s easy to pour, durable and will look good in every type of kitchen – from modern minimalist to country chic.