A Mysterious Yarn Bomber Is Pimping Up South London Post Boxes

Image: @postboxhappy on Instagram

Noticed anything unusual about the postboxes of south London lately? Since last autumn, one enigmatic yarn bomber (or perhaps a collective of clandestine crocheters), has been adorning them with charming knitted toppers, like the acid house smiley pictured above.

This is the work of @postboxhappy, an anonymous Instagrammer who uses the platform to share their antics. The mystery’s all part of the fun, of course, but a bit of basic Insta-sleuthing suggests that our secret knitter grew up in the area and might be a Dulwich Hamlet supporter.

Toppers by @postboxhappy have been spotted in Camberwell, Herne Hill, Dulwich, and Crystal Palace. It’s not just a south London thing, though — the postbox topper craze took off early last year, with yarn bombers from Portsmouth to Warrington getting in on the action, and there’s even a Facebook group dedicated to the phenomenon.

More toppers by @postboxhappy are promised soon, but for now, here are a few more of our favourites.

An elaborate floral bonnet

A piece inspired by the local ‘Spoons

A Very Hungry Caterpillar outside one of London’s best kids’ bookshops

A Remembrance Day day tribute

An incredibly detailed festive scene

Some rather rotund dinosaurs

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