Explore The Best Of Banksy At London’s Huge, Exclusive Art Exhibition

When you grow up near Bristol like I did, you can’t really escape the paint-stained spectre that is Banksy. In fact, you won’t really be able to do that in London either, as a big art exhibition dedicated to the artist has returned to the capital. The Art of Banksy, located in Covent Garden, is the largest touring exhibition of Banksy’s artworks, and tickets are available once again.

In an actually very Banksy-esque move, this exhibition is completely unauthorised, with absolutely no blessing from the artist. As a result, the producers have collected the world’s largest collection of privately-owned Banksy art, with ‘Girl and Balloon’, ‘Flower Thrower’ and ‘Rude Copper’ being perhaps the most famous masterpieces assembled. The Art of Banksy displays prints, canvasses, screenprints, unique works, limited-edition pieces and more, covering a period from 1997 to 2008, and also features some of the artists’ lesser-known works for a bit of variety.


Surprisingly, given London’s own connection with Banksy, we’re one of the later cities to get the exhibition, which has already visited the likes of Toronto, Miami, Sydney, Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Gothenburg, and Auckland. (We’ll try not to take that personally.) Organisers claim that 750,000 people have already seen the travelling show, and right now, you can find it in a vast warehouse on Covent Garden’s Earlham Street.


The exhibition is open daily, so there’ll be plenty of opportunity for you to visit at a time that works for you. Don’t miss out though – the exhibit will be stripped down and returned to the 40 different collectors who’ve loaned their artwork once the run is over. So, for now, go forth and enjoy the art!

The Art of Banksy Exhibition

From £25.00

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