New skincare brands that are worth the hype (and your money)

When it comes to choosing our skincare, there are those among us who are loyal devotees to one beloved skincare brand and who will never, ever stray. We’ve found the magical solution to our skin’s woes and have no need to delve any further into the depths of the beauty world. 

Then, there are those who spend hours browsing the virtual halls of every online beauty destination, lusting over the latest launches and signing up to every waitlist for a new arrival. We have to admit, we are very much the latter. 

From the innovation, to the packaging, to the textures and the smells – there’s little that excites us more than a new beauty brand. We crave information on new buzz-worthy ingredients and feed off product trends led by cutting-edge science. Plus, we’re total suckers for great packaging. 

‘Microbiome’ is the latest buzzword in skincare, but what on earth is it, and how can it give us clearer, healthier skin?

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Recently, we’ve seen an influx of skincare brands on a mission, whether it be to become a trusted authority on skin sensitivity, or to prove their eco-credentials with an ultra-transparent production line and ingredients list, or to honour their origins and champion different traditions. 

There’s also the microbiome revolution that has inspired a wave of brands to focus on the needs of the skin barrier, pioneering formulas that promise to replenish the skin’s balance of beneficial bacteria for optimum skin health.

And that’s just for starters. Keep scrolling to discover the best new skincare brand that are well worth the hype (and your money)…