These 15 books are being adapted for TV and film in 2022, so add them to your reading list *now*

Wondering what books to add to your to-read list for 2022? We’ve got you covered. Go for the book adaptations – the ones being turned into big screen dramas.

Some of the best movies and TV shows of all time started out as novels – take the last few years’ offerings. We went wild for Sally Rooney’s Normal People, now a BBC record-breaking phenomenon, the renditions of David Nicholls novels such as One Day (which has just been announced to be returning AGAIN for a Netflix adaptation, FYI) and Us.

We defy you to find anyone who wasn’t obsessed with Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman‘s performances in The Undoing, and don’t get us started on Bridgerton, which was taken straight from the pages of a Julia Quinn novel by Shonda Rhimes and her production company Shondaland.

These are the top 30 books that everyone will be reading in 2022

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From the second Sally Rooney TV show offering to a Disney remake and a Murder on the Orient Express sequel, there is a lot coming. Here are the top 15 must-reads headed for the big and small screens.

Scroll down for GLAMOUR’s edit of the best book adaptations to hit the screen later this year.