These floating bookshelves are perfect for displaying your favourite reads

Despite the fact that we’re all living in the digital age – where most of our media now exists online, and things like DVD players have permanent dust jackets through lack of use – we can’t help but cling onto hard copies. If this sounds like you, and you can’t bear to part with your favourite books, movies, photo frames and music, then consider displaying them proudly on floating bookshelves.

It’s easy to stuff everything into a cabinet or bookcase that’s tucked away. If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist – right? But why hold onto something unless it really means something to you or you get a lot of use out of it? There’s no time like the first few months of a new year to have a good old clear out (Marie Kondo style) and say goodbye to the things that you no longer need.

The best part about a floating bookshelf is that they use what’s known as ‘dead space’ in the interior world. Instead of taking up valuable floor space with a chunky furniture unit, floating bookshelves do what their name suggests and, well, float. If you’re pretty tight on space then floating bookshelves – along with folding desks and small space dining tables – are something you should look into.

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Are floating shelves strong enough for books?

Floating shelves attach to the wall in a similar way to your favourite wall art, but they do so in a discreet way that leaves no trace of brackets. This can make them look flimsy, but don’t be fooled, strong nails create a bridge from the inside of the shelf and the wall so you can add as many novels and trinkets as you can fit. It’s worth bearing in mind that the more nails you add, the stronger the shelf will become.

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Anyone who appreciates the best books and new books will attest to how quickly they start to pile up, and trying to think of an artistic way to display them, other than in a stack on your coffee table, can be tricky. The solution? You guessed it: floating bookshelves. Want something rustic looking to sit above your floating desk? Graham and Green’s Drew Recycled Wood Shelf has a raw, exposed look and is made from the recycled ladders of ships to be totally unique. Perfect for the coastal or industrial home.

Fill an empty corner with this handmade vintage-looking floating shelf from Etsy, or create a sleek and modern finish with Habitat’s Jak Floating Shelf; it’s crafted with a high gloss finish that’ll lend a clean look to your walls.

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Give your fiction a new home with all the floating bookshelves we’ve found below.