Whether you think Valentine’s Day is super romantic or a giant marketing exercise to make us spend even more money, there’s no denying that it’s a big occasion for the restaurant biz and a great excuse to see what foods actually look half decent dyed pink and turned into a heart shape. Round up your mates or your dates and share the love with the best V-Day specials in town.

Seabird’s Pink Manchego Cheesecake

One of London’s most famous cheesecakes has been pimped up pink for Valentine’s Day. The Seabird cheesecake, which comes with a generous grating of manchego, is now infused with rose and strawberry. The dessert is part of Seabird’s San Valentin menu, which costs £75 per person and comes with a free glass of Nyetimber Cuvee Cherie fizz. We’ll cheers to that.

Available from 12th – 14th February at Seabird

Hoppers’ Pink Hopper

Sri Lankan favourite Hoppers have brought back their pink hopper this Valentine’s Day. The dish is part of the restaurant’s special Valentine’s Day menu, which also includes devilled chicken, lamb kothu roti and tempered okra. The set meal for two is good bang for your buck and costs £40 per person for five courses – perfect for spicing up your Valentine’s Day.

Available from 12th – 14th February at Hoppers Kings Cross and Marylebone

Rondo’s Heart Tatin With Bottomless Ice-Cream

If you and your lover have got a sweet tooth then this is the dish for you. Holborn restaurant Rondo’s head chef Chris Gillard has created a special heart-shaped sharing dessert for V-Day. The heart tatin has a shortbread crust topped with caramelised apples and comes with free-flowing vanilla ice cream or custard. Who needs bottomless bubbles when you can have bottomless custard?

Available from 11th – 18th February 2022 at Rondo

Albie’s Valentine’s Day Pancake Stack

Start the celebrations at breakfast time and book into Albie for the Valentine’s Day pancake stack. Aptly coloured red, the fluffy pancakes are topped with chantilly cream, fresh berries, chocolate sauce & a drizzle of maple syrup. If you’re looking to up the romance even more why not book into the hotel upstairs for a staycation?

Available from 11th – 15th February 2022 at Albie

Yard Sale Pizza

Nothing says ‘I heart you’ quite like a heart-shaped pizza and Yard Sale is slinging them out this V-Day. Available in Margherita (with a vegan option) and Holy Pepperoni flavours, you can get the pizzas on delivery or you can dine in at the Dulwich, Crystal Palace, Crofton Park, Finsbury Park, Hackney Road and Leytonstone sites.

Available on 13th & 14th February from Yard Sale Pizza

Holy Carrot’s Pink Tits Dessert

Vegan restaurant Holy Carrot has created a Valentine’s Day dessert that will have you saying ooh la la in no time. The Pink Tits dessert – a vegan vanilla beetroot panna cotta – is part of their special Valentine’s Day menu and perfect for the plant-based partners in your life.

Available on 11th, 12th & 14th February 2022 at Holy Carrot

Big Mamma’s MotherPucker Dolci

Big Mamma, the team behind restos Ave Mario, Circolo Popolare and Gloria Trattoria, is bringing us a lip-smackingly good pud this Valentine’s Day. The MotherPucker dolci features layers of buttery biscuit, almond praline, strawberry gel and almond mousse shaped in a big ‘ol pair of red lips. Get ready to pucker up people.

Available on 14th February 2022 at Ave Mario, Circolo Popolare and Gloria Trattoria