A £73 Million Guinness Microbrewery Is Coming To Covent Garden

Covent Garden is about to be doused in Guinness.

Head to any pub at 7pm on a Friday night in London, and you’ll likely see half the heads in the place starting their night with a pint of Dublin’s finest. In fact, the UK is the country that sells the most Guinness in the whole world (yep, even more than second-placed Ireland!).

So, the news that a brand new Guinness microbrewery is hitting London next year will be music to many a stout-drinker across the capital. Arriving in Autumn 2023, “Guinness at Old Brewer’s Yard” sees a return to the site used to brew beer 300 years ago.

Image: Guinness

Dubbed a “microbrewery and culture hub”, the £73 million investment from alcohol gurus Diageo will boast Guinness brewery tours, a restaurant with a 360-degree glass rooftop, a covered courtyard and a whole lot more inside their 50,000 square foot venue.

Visitors can also sample new products as part of the tour, including some that are exclusively available from Guinness at Old Brewer’s Yard. Plus, the venue hopes to become a hub to train up to 100 bartenders each year to graduate from the programme and learn to pour the perfect Guinness – putting a smile on the creator of a certain infamous Instagram account’s face.

Diageo has also pledged to ensure the new venue is carbon neutral by 2030 and accessible for all as part of their “Society 2030: Spirit of Progress” action plan.

Dayalan Nayager, managing director of Diageo Great Britain, said: “We’re excited to create a new home for Guinness in the heart of London. ‘Guinness at Old Brewer’s Yard’ will strengthen London’s hospitality community and be a must-visit destination for thousands of visitors to enjoy.”

With sales of the good stuff up by 30% in the last six months, not to mention the fact that one in every 10 pints bought in London is a Guinness, this microbrewery is nailed on to be a match made in stout heaven. Look out for Guinness at Old Brewer’s Yard in Autumn time next year.