This Is How You Can Get Your Company To Sign Up For The Four-Day Work Week Trial

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A few weeks back, we told you about the plans in the UK to trial a four-day working week. It may seem to good to be true, but this really is happening from this summer, and there’s still time for your company to sign up.

A pilot scheme – lasting six months – will get underway in June, thanks to 4 Day Week Global, think tank Autonomy, and researchers from Oxford and Cambridge.

A deadline for firms signing up to the scheme has been set for March 31, 2022. So, what are you waiting for? Get on the blower (or send a politely worded email) and hound the big wigs at your work to consider the four-day working week life, even if it is just for the initial six months.

Companies including Gracefruit, Yo Telecom, and Crystalised have all signed up to the scheme, which means employees will work 32 hours rather than the standardised 40 hour week, for the same pay as before.

Benefits of the four-day working week have long been spoken about, and now we’ll finally have a chance to see some statistical analysis on the subject. The thinking behind the scheme is that employees, when given slightly more time off from the hustle and bustle, will enjoy a heightened wellbeing with a greater work/life balance, which in turn could improve productivity during the hours they do spend working.

Like the sound of this? Get your work pals together and ask your company to think about signing up to the scheme. Any firm can do so here, and has until March 31 to get involved.