10 Of The Best Spots To Go For A First Date In London

So you’ve done the whole chatting on apps, moved onto WhatsApp and have also stalked each other’s Instagram feeds. You’ve had enough pre-date chat, so now’s time for that actual first date…

But where do you go? The pressure on choosing a good venue for a first date in London is always there – do you go just for a couple of pints or make it somewhere where you can get some grub if it’s going well? Do you include a walk in there or do you make it more of a sit-down-in-just-the-one-place affair?

We know the potential for awkwardness on a first date in London – this author has had many – so luckily for you, we’ve decided to compile a list of some of the best spots you can go to give you some inspiration. Here’s the Secret London roundup of ten of the best places for a first date in London:

1. Have a laugh at one of the city’s comedy club nights

Jack Whitehall performing at the Top Secret Comedy Club
Photo: @topsecretcomedy

When it comes to a first date, there’s nothing quite like breaking the ice than by having a laugh. So why not actively go out of your way to ensure that you have one – and have a few drinks while you’re at it?

London is full to the brim of some of the best comedy clubs in the world – taking place everywhere from large arena-style venues to tiny pub basements – and for most of them, you can grab a ticket for under a tenner.

Our top picks would be the Top Secret Comedy Club in Holborn – where comedy legends such as Joe Lycett, Jack Whitehall, Mawaan Rizwan and Joanne McNally have all tested out their material – and the Seven Dials Club, slap-bang right in the middle of Covent Garden.

2. Go and take a wander around an exhibition, art gallery or museum

The Natural History Museum – a great spot for a first date in London
Photo: @nemcova_kate

Culture vultures, listen up! It’s no secret that our beloved capital is home to some of the best museums and art galleries in the world. Ok, so we may be biased, but we stand by it – and you’ve also got the added fact that a hell of a lot of them are free.

So we thought what better spot for a first date in London than at one of these iconic institutions? On the one hand you’ve got the Natural History Museum – with exhibits on T-Rexs, earthquakes, venomous critters and other badass features of the natural world.

On the other, you’ve got the Tate Modern, which has a whole host of incredible modern art installations and a pretty epic view from atop the Turbine Hall. Add in exhibitions on Frida Kahlo, the Titanic and more and you’ve got one hell of a lot of choice.

3. Think out of the box and take your date to a gig

A singer performing to a crowd at a gig
Photo: @shutterstock

London may just well be the live music capital of the world, with everything from scream-your-head-off heavy metal gigs to loud and proud pop extravaganzas gracing all manner of venues.

Sure, you might not want to shell out a hundred quid to take someone on a first date to Greenwich’s O2 Arena, but there are plenty of cheaper options available in our beloved capital. Camden’s renowned KOKO is scheduled to open later this spring – with confirmed acts including Tems, Parra for Cuva and Vance Joy among many others – and there are an array of Grassroots Music Venues dotted about offering gigs which won’t break that bank.

Rough Trade East, Colours Hoxton and Rye Wax in Peckham are all great date spots, and if you’re looking for something a bit more romantic, why not take your date to a candlelit concert? You’re trying to impress, remember…

4. Amble along the Thames and stop for a pint or two in a pub

The Anchor riverside pub - a great spot for a first in date in London
Photo: @instagram

If the weather’s playing ball, then there’s no better spot for a first date in London than by taking a stroll along the River Thames. Depending where you start – Southbank is a good place we reckon – you’ll pass by some of the city’s most famous landmarks, including the Tate Modern, the Millenium Bridge and Shakespeare’s Globe.

Depending on how long the date lasts, you can either continue down to Tower Bridge and explore the Bermondsey Beer Mile for a drink or two, or you can head back towards the London Eye and the accompanying Jubilee Gardens.

There are plenty of places to stop along the way if you and your date are looking to quench your thirst – The Anchor is a good option as it has a pretty roof terrace from where you can soak up the cityscape views.

5. Ramble through Hampstead Heath and stop at The Spaniard’s Inn

Beautiful scenery and a natural pond at Hampstead Heath
Photo: @shutterstock

When it comes to scenic spots in the capital, it’s hard to beat Hampstead Heath. Incorporating almost 800 acres of undulating meadows, ancient woodland and natural swimming ponds, it’s a wonderfully-wild place that has featured in famous rom-coms including Notting Hill and Allied. What better way to spend a first date in London than walking around here we say!

There are numerous spots you could take your date – depending how it’s going of course. But if it’s not raining, we’d suggest starting at Parliament Hill – from where you can see some of the best views in London – before making your way to the beautiful Kenwood House, one of the city’s hidden gems.

If the date’s still going well, continue to the Spaniard’s Inn for a pint or two – it’s one of the oldest pubs and supposedly one of the most haunted spots in the capital. Nothing like a good scare hey?!

6. Gorge your way through some of the capital’s best street food markets

People enjoying food at Maltby Street Market – a great spot for a first date in London
Photo: @instagram

If you’re anything like us, then you won’t find it hard getting peckish at, well, any time of the day or night. But instead of going for a sit down meal which could have the potential to get a tad awkward on a first date, why not head to one of the many food markets for which London is so well known?

It’s the best of both worlds – you can have a chinwag and get to know each other while you’re deciding on what to eat, then you can find a nice spot to settle to scoff your face. Borough Market is perhaps the most obvious choice here, but it might just well be the busiest.

Other spots in town include nearby Maltby Street Market, Portobello Road, Lewisham’s Model Market and Hackney gem Broadway Market. There’s also Seven Dials, which opened its doors in Covent Garden last Spring.

7. Enjoy a cocktail or two at a hidden, speakeasy-style bar

Knowhere Special in Kentish Town - a hidden speakeasy style bar
Photo: @fab_kaos

Now, if the pre-meeting chat has gone well, then this one is a good idea for a first date in London – because you’ll look like you’ve really made the effort to impress. London is fit to bursting with hidden bars, and you’ll find them in pretty much every nook and cranny of the city.

They might look like shops, cafés and even *ahem* public toilets to the casual observer, but step through their doors and you’ll find a whole new world. Our favourites include The Gobpsy – whose entrance is concealed by a pretty non-suspicious towel shelf at the bottom of a set of stairs – and new-kid-on-the-block The Cinnamon Club, whose interior is styled to look like an authentic Indian bazaar.

North Londoners should check out Knowhere Special – a charming little hideout who offer some pretty great first date cocktails. Just make sure you book ahead…

8. Get off-the-beaten-track and discover London’s secret spots

The lovely Kyoto Garden in Holland Park – a great spot for a first date in London
Photo: @shutterstock

Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge… sure all of these are iconic London landmarks, but the likelihood is that you’ll be sharing them with hoards of tourists, wedding photographers, other people on first dates… you name it. So why not enjoy a visit to somewhere more off-the-beaten-track?

London is full of hidden gems – from the beautiful Kyoto Garden in Holland Park to a crystal grotto (yep, you read that right) in Painshill Park – so there’s plenty of scope to impress your first date with your ‘Secret London’ intel. Hey, we’re here to help.

You could take a peaceful amble through St Dunstan in the East – a Grade I-listed church destroyed during the Blitz which is now a charming park. Or visit Eel Pie Island in Twickenham which was once the haunt of legends like The Who and Pink Floyd. What better places for a first date in London we say.

9. Brave it and go for an alcohol-free date

Fork deli in Bloomsbury - a lovely spot for a first date in London
Photo: @forkdeli

In a city of nine million people, there’s plenty of choice, and we all know the lines can get a bit blurry when you’ve got a few drinks down you. So why not cut out the drinks altogether and go for an alcohol-free date?

This is a first date after all, and that way you can really get to know each other without alcohol blurring your memory. There are plenty of non-alcohol options you could go for on a first date in London. There are more delis, coffee shops and cafés than you can shake a stick at, so if you’re going for a day date, why not head to one of these for a brew or two?

Alternatively, you could head to Draughts n Hackney or Waterloo and get to know your date over a board game or play a round or two of crazy golf.

10. Hop aboard a boat and see the city from the water

An Uber Boat making its way down the River Thames passing Tower Bridge
Photo: @shutterstock

London is famous for its waterways, and some of the best views in town come from the network of canals, reservoirs and – duh – a certain river that criss-crosses it. So we couldn’t round up this list of the best spots for a first date in London without mentioning this one.

You and your date could hop aboard one of the twenty or so ‘Uber boats’ which traverse the Thames from Putney all the way down to Woolwich, passing all those famous London landmarks along the way.

However, if you’re looking to impress, we’d recommend chartering your own boat and sailing down Regent’s Canal past Regent’s Park, the ZSL London Zoo and through Maida Vale Tunnel. Now that’s a sure-fire way to ‘lock’ in date number two.