This London Telephone Box Is Home To The World’s Smallest Focacceria • Pinkadella

Pinkadella sells fresh Italian focaccia with mortadella from a red phone box!

We’ve seen quite a few red telephone boxes being put to good use across London: They’ve been made into art, turned into salad bars, tiny cafés, and even takeaway tiramisu shops. What else could you possibly turn them into? Well, one has now officially become the world’s smallest focacceria with the brand new opening of Pinkadella. 

Owner Gabriele Contenta, a composer from Rome who comes from a long line of chefs, has brought one of his country’s (and family’s) traditions to London. He serves freshly-made, toasted focaccia with mortadella to passersby in Hampstead Village, all while dressed as an old-fashioned Italian butcher. The white focaccia bread is freshly delivered from a nearby Italian-English bakery each morning, and the mortadella is directly imported from his home country, so you can rest assured it’s both authentic and delicious.

If you’re not into the meat, though, you can also opt for the vegetarian version which comes with a selection of tomato pesto, Genoese pesto, dried tomatoes, pepper sauce, and burrata.

Pinkadella owner Gabriele prepares a focaccia with mortadella inside a red telephone box
Photo: Magdalena Konopka

For a sweet treat as dessert, Pinkadella also serves hot chocolate bombs and Espresso coffee, and customers are encouraged to bring their own reusable cups.

As far as phone boxes go, this might be our favourite one yet!

Practical information

Between £6 and £8 per focaccia.