21 Of The Very Best Places To Kiss In London

Get smooching with our guide to the best places to kiss in London.

Maybe it’s the upcoming prospect of Valentine’s Day, maybe it’s the heightened awareness of virus transmission and airborne droplets (thanks pandemic!), but today we’re thinking about kissing. And more specifically, the best places to kiss in London. Think of the truly great kisses in history – The Notebook, anyone?  – and you’ll notice they all share an iconic setting. Luckily, London is chock full of such spots, so – giddy with the season of love – we’ve rounded up the top places to kiss in town!

(Do remember to kiss within your households for the time being though!)

Places to kiss in London

1. Sunset at Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill Sunrise London
Photo: Mike Rolls

The pink and orange hues of the setting sun, the London skyline unfolding before you, the lamps twinkling in the gathering dusk – you’re really going to need to work hard not to feel the romance here!

2. Amidst the thumping techno of fabric

You can go ahead and swap fabric with your club of choice here, but the scenario remains the same. Eyes meeting across the crowded dancefloor, an admiring smile at their winsome dance moves, and a little of that shouty flirting that only works in a deafening club. Original? Nope, but many a London love story has started this way, so don’t knock it.

3. In your own private pod atop the London Eye

Crucial words here are “private” – because you don’t want any awkward bystanders looking on whilst you’re sucking face – and “atop”, because it’s not quite so cinematic if you’re only ten feet off the ground. Wait until you’ve ascended to the heavens, and let the sweeping views of the capital work their magic. Also works nicely for proposals, just sayin’…

4. At a delicious street food market

“The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, as the old saying goes – but let’s be honest, this applies to all of us. Thus, eating your way around London’s best food markets is a sure-fire route to a smooch!

5. Beneath The Meeting Place at St Pancras station

For those of you not au fait with your train station artworks, The Meeting Place is the 30-foot tall bronze statue of a couple locking lips, found on the upper levels of St Pancras. It’s excellent inspiration for your next kiss, which is best used during a tearful reunion as you meet them at the train and fling your arms around one another.

6. During the Pride in London parade

A joyous, triumphant tribute of love that draws one million attendees each year? Yup, there’s no better stage for an iconic kiss than amidst the colour and celebration of London’s Pride parade, an annual reminder of the simple fact that love is love.

7. On the Tube escalators

Sure, the Tube isn’t exactly romantic, but at the very least, it’s something to pass the time as you slowly ascend. Don’t be surprised if your smooching earns the ire of impatient commuters, though. Damn them all, your love is more important!

8. Kyoto Garden

Peacocks, waterfalls, autumn colours – this’ll do nicely for a memorable kiss, thank you very much!

9. Up at The O2

Places to kiss don’t come much more cinematic than this. If your beau is a daredevil who thinks nothing of the knee-knocking terror of heights, then a kiss atop London’s O2 Arena really won’t be beaten for drama.

10. Amongst the canals of Little Venice

No witty reason here; Little Venice is one of the most charming spots in town, and if canals can make Venice one of the most romantic getaways available, they can surely do the same for Little Venice.

11. Hampstead Pergola

If Bridgerton fever has consumed you these past few weeks, an arm-in-arm stroll around this gorgeous pergola (complete with stolen kisses behind the pillars) should be enough to land you in the society papers.

12. The South Bank

It’s got strong Made in Chelsea ‘break up, kiss and make up, repeat ad nauseum‘ energy, and it’s a bloody dramatic spot for a kiss.

13. The Whispering Galleries at St Paul’s Cathedral

Whispering sweet nothings in your boo’s ear is probably the starter for a lot of these kisses, but what if you could whisper them from across the room? The amazing acoustics of the Whispering Galleries make it possible, but just hope no-one else up there thinks you’re talking to them…

14. Hampton Court Palace Maze

Hampton Court Maze summer

Crisis will either bring you together or drive you apart, so tackling this royal maze is perhaps a high-risk strategy. Hey ho, there’s a triumphant feeling of beating the maze, and competitive types can split up and go head-to-head to reach the centre first.

15. St Luke’s Mews, Notting Hill

Ah, we’ve moved onto the ‘recreate famous kisses from cinema’ portion of the evening. First up, these extremely cute mews, which were used as a filming location in Love, Actually. I’d say it’s possibly wise to avoid kissing your best friend’s spouse (looking at you, Andrew Lincoln), but hey, the heart wants what the heart wants.

16. Heathrow Airport

Satisfies the second half of our Love Actually inspiration, and also falls into the ‘greeting a returning lover’ category. A proverbial double whammy!

17. Shad Thames

Not only is this the scene of Bridget and Daniel’s first kiss in Bridget Jones’ Diary, it’s also an excellent spot to shop for waterside property, as the flats around Shad Thames offer industrial chic (for a high price point, obviously). Dream big, lovers!

18. Royal Exchange Buildings

Obviously, if we’ve got Bridget and Daniel’s first kiss, we need our heroine’s first smooch with Mark Darcy – you’ll find that spot at Royal Exchange Buildings near Bank. Grab yourself a dashing human rights lawyer and you’re off to the races!

19. Mayfield Lavender

If you can dodge the Instagram crowd, you’ll find the fragrant lavender fields of Mayfield Lavender to be a perfect spot for that iconic kiss. Also, there’ll be no shortage of people around to take your photo…

20. On an enchanting London ice rink

Another seasonal option (unless you pop over to Ally Pally) amongst our places to kiss, London’s outdoor ice rinks capture the great and good of Christmastime: twinkling lights, mulled cider, and an insistent cold that invites huddling. Dazzle them with your skating prowess, and that unforgettable kiss will be yours!

21. God’s Own Junkyard

Look, there’s never a bad reason to go to Walthamstow’s neon paradise. Plus, if this not-so-hidden gem has escaped your paramour’s notice until now, it’s sure to provide the wow factor for your date.

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