And Just Like That: Here’s how fans reacted to the show’s emotional season finale

This article contains And Just Like That… spoilers. 

It’s been a wild ride since the first episode of And Just Like That dropped in December 2021, which saw Carrie Bradshaw’s long-term love interest, Mr Big, die of a Peloton-induced heart attack. Yep, it’s been dramatic AF since day one. 

The Sex and The City reboot was always going to face major obstacles. How would it manage Samantha Jones? Could it successfully address its diversity problem? And, shortly after the season began, the show was plunged into controversy following the allegations of sexual assault made against Chris Noth, who was subsequently written out of the finale. 

Fans weren’t always impressed by And Just Like That‘s attempts to bring Carrie and the gang into 2022. Perhaps the most divisive storyline saw Miranda Hobbes (played by Cynthia Nixon) leave her husband Steve to pursue a relationship with Carrie’s boss, Che Diaz. Cue the hashtag #JusticeForSteve.

Now episode ten has officially been released, the final verdicts are in – and let’s just say fans have been very vocal on Twitter

Here are all the main talking points from the And Just Like That finale: 

Miranda is a redhead again

Yes, we love Miranda with grey hair. But the Miranda we knew and loved from the early days of SATC was an electric redhead – and we missed her. As one fan wrote, “red Miranda is back, nature is healing.”

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Miranda drops everything and moves to LA with Che

In what some dubbed a very ‘un-Miranda-like’ move, Miranda chose to quit her job and move to LA with Che. Good for her, I guess? But some fans weren’t convinced, with one writing, “There is no way in heck the real Miranda would give up her career for love. I get people can change but my god.”