These are the very best spring perfumes, from new launches to the classics

Is there a better time of year than spring? The sunny days, the lighter evenings, the promise of summer. Yep, springtime brings with it a newfound zest for life and restored energy for brighter times ahead, which might be why we’re so open to trying new beauty trends, including new makeup to reflect our inner glow, and, of course, a new fragrance to mark the change in season.

Whereas the cold, winter months call for comforting, warmer fragrances, with woody bases and enveloping, rich florals, the spring beckons for lighter, zesty scents that are refreshing and invigorating.

This year, there has been an onslaught of new fragrances from some of our favourite perfume houses, from the big, blockbuster scents that are sure to become instant classics to the niche and under-the-radar brands revealing intricate and expertly crafted accords.

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These are the most popular perfumes for women right now, according to TikTok (and many glowing reviews)

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If you tend to veer towards floral fragrances, you’ll love Burberry’s new Her eau de toilette which takes pretty peony and rose and blends it with pear and honeysuckle for a guaranteed mood-boost.

If you want something with a kick, YSL has updated its iconic Black Opium scent with the new Illicit Green rendition, it’s fresh and fun but it still packs a punch with notes of pear and green mandarin squared off against coffee, patchouli and cedar.

Or if you want something a little sexier Givenchy Irresistible’s new Fraiche eau de toilette blends sparkling rose with seductive spices.

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