Tickets Are Now On Sale To The Euphoric Dopamine Land Experience

Exercise may be a great way to get a flood of dopamine – the feel-good hormone – rushing through your body, but we’ve got a less strenuous, arguably more fun, suggestion for you instead… This April, Dopamine Land is coming to London. A brand-new, multi-sensory, immersive experience that’s a little trippy, a lot of fun, it will flood your body with dopamine, without a drop of sweat in sight.

From April 16, in a yet-to-be-revealed venue, you’ll find interactive rooms that combine traditional media and innovative technology to create something that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

a woman holding a hand at dopamine land

One such room will be flooded with lights, visual effects and moving projections that you have to evade (think: the ‘ground is lava’ game), while another will arm you with a bubble gun, and surround you with bubbles. The popcorn room will be like a life-size ode to the iconic cinema snack, where you’ll be flanked by huge projections of popcorn and the delicious salty, buttery smell. Other rooms are in stark contrast with one another: a high-octane pillow fight room where you can duel with a fluffy weapon in hand, and a soothing room that projects images of natural beauty onto the walls and huge mirrors.

a silhouette of a person at dopamine land

The immersive rooms will enable you to unleash your inner child, and really enter a world of happiness, as Dopamine Land’s tagline professes. Unlike most of our childhoods where digital photos were a thing of the future, you’ll be able to snap as many images as you like on your smartphone in the dedicated photo zones. Immortalise your memories and smile fondly as you look back on them long after you’ve left the exhibition; it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving.

Dopamine Land: A Multisensory Immersive Experience

Secret Location To Be Revealed

From £13.50