Make Haste! The Opening Of Secret Cinema’s Immersive Bridgerton Ball Is Only Days Away

Will you be attending the party of the season? Where, in the swish of a ballgown, sweep of a violin bow and clink of champagne glass, you’ll be transported into Bridgerton itself. Secret Cinema’s immersive experience plunges you right into the burning heart of the Netflix hit and promises to take you on a journey like never before. We’ve taken a peek behind the curtain at what you can expect and, trust us, you’ll want to hear this…

To find your way into the upper echelons, you’ll need some help. Luckily, Secret Cinema has ensured you’ll be able to get all the skills you need to dip your toe into the world of (im)polite society; with your transformation into an esteemed member of the Ton commencing the moment you buy a ticket. An exclusive website known only as ‘Lady Whistledown’s Finishing School’ is on hand to help you with all your pre-party preparations even before you set foot through the doors of the secret Wembley-based ballroom. There are options to suit all, regardless of how many coins your purse holds. Be careful, as beneath all the frills and finery the community is dripping in salacious gossip. How utterly delicious.

four people in Bridgerton-style clothes laughing as they cross a bridge

First things first, your phone isn’t permitted past the threshold, so if you want to capture yourself in your finest attire make sure to snap some selfies before you enter. You will get it back for the afterparty – that is, if you are attending a night where one occurs – but you’ll still want to immortalise the moment at the beginning of the evening. After all, in our extensive partying experience, this is normally when you look your most presentable (as opposed to at the end of all the roguish revelry). Not to worry, there’s a spot in front of some flawless shrubbery which makes for the perfect backdrop.

Inside, you’ll find a series of rooms where you’ll be able to hone all the skills you need to make a dazzling debut in the ballroom. Whether you choose to take on the role of a diamond or deviant, there’ll be plenty of ways to get into the swing of things. Enjoy some exquisite pampering at the Pat McGrath makeup counter, where you’ll discover a range of complimentary cosmetics along with a side of scandalous gossip. Elsewhere, if you’re looking to brush up your footwork, there will be dance lessons taking place in the Boxing Gym – as well as a bountiful liquor shelf at hand if you need something to blame your stumbles on.

Person with a fan smiles among purple wisteria

Behind the other doors you’ll discover all manner of delights and even get the chance to dabble in more scandalous pastimes. From gaming tables where you can practise your best poker face and a boxing ring where you can sharpen your skills, to a more serene sanctum for artists to show off their creative prowess. Be sure to keep an eye out as you explore: Lady Whistledown is rumoured to be in attendance with two loyal assistants and they could be listening intently around any corner.

It’s not just the mysterious writer who will be gracing the event with her (albeit incognito) presence. You might find yourself brushing shoulders with the formidable Lady Danbury in the ballroom, indulging in lively conversation with the spirited Eloise or even happening upon a hushed conversation between the Duke and Daphne. Over the course of the three hour experience you’ll get to explore familiar storylines; watching them play out around you as you encounter those you’ve only previously seen on screen. Who knows, if you play your cards right, you may even be able to catch the eye of the Duke and receive a request for a dance…how the night unfolds is entirely in your hands.

two people in Bridgerton-style clothes whisper to one another

If you’ve seen the show you’ll know that everything isn’t always as it appears. There are plenty of secrets lurking beneath the surface – if you are inquisitive enough to discover them. Take The Club for example, if you slide into one of the booth chairs by the bar (that you could have sworn someone was sitting at merely seconds ago) and listen closely you might even start to suspect the walls are talking. We’re just saying: a little bit of curious exploration never hurt anybody… Of course, those who have treated themselves to a VIP ticket might find another way to access the secret places of the Whistledown ball.

As if all that’s not enough, a fabulous queen will be casting her regal eye over the proceedings and making her infallible judgements on all in attendance. The question is, do you have what it takes to be crowned the evening’s Incomparable by her majesty? You’ll never learn the answer unless you book your tickets now.

Secret Cinema Presents Bridgerton With Fever

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