Amazon lingerie is actually really pretty – here are the best hidden gems to snap up

Buying underwear is on par with jeans – i.e. an absolute nightmare. Despite being hidden from the world, we all need it, we all want to feel good in it, and yet shopping for it remains an impossible task. Quite literally, it gets your knickers in a twist.

For starters, every shop differs in size. While you might be a B-cup in one shop, you’ll be a D elsewhere. You can be certain that medium knickers fit you like a glove, and then you can’t get them past your thighs. Even when you’ve been fitted, those measurements are often specific to that individual store, leaving you looking far and wide for the perfect pair of undies. Exhausting, right?

That’s until Amazon lingerie changed the game. Stocking many of your favourite retailers including Savage x Fenty, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger (yes, really!), and lesser known brands such as Pour Moi and Triumph, Amazon is swiftly becoming a hotspot for underwear shopping due to its variety of products all housed under one roof. The e-commerce platform even has their own range of very stylish underwear at prices you needn’t dish out half your salary for.

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So, what should you snap up? Well, if you’re looking for sexy lingerie then your first port of call has got to be Savage x Fenty‘s line-up of lacy separates – namely this Romantic Corded Lace Unlined Balconette Bra. Paired with the matching briefs? Perfection. There are also ‘Curve’ specific pieces from the brand on the site which we love to see.

Seeking a bra for small busts? Try Calvin Klein’s Triangle Bra. It’s crafted from cotton – which is ideal if you’re a fan of cotton underwear – and is completely wireless for a comfortable fit whether you’re lounging around the house or running errands. Want the complete opposite with bras for big boobs? Check out Triumph’s bras – they go all the way up to a size 46D.

In terms of underwear, it’s really down to personal preference. The good news is Amazon caters to all of them. Whether you want a thong, briefs, boyshorts or something in between, you’ll be able to find it.

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