This is the new Mulberry bag the entire GLAMOUR team are lusting after

Mulberry bags are, and will always be, iconic. The brand is the perfect middle-ground designer that manages to remain luxurious all while being that little bit more accessible to everyone, so it’s no surprise that Mulberry bags are so popular in and amongst the fashion crowd – especially when purchasing one doesn’t make you feel like you need to remortgage afterwards.

From classics like the Bayswater, Alexa, Iris and Amberley (which are all perfect work bags, by the way) to wedding guest appropriate cross-body styles, Mulberry bags are a mainstay on my wish list. Simply step outside and you can expect to see several people with the British brand adorning their arm.

The latest Mulberry Softie collection is what everyone is talking about right now, though. Especially me. Capturing my attention with brand new directional shapes, punchy colours and upgraded fabrics, each piece in the line-up is comparable to that of art. I’m usually one for neutral-colured handbags, but these just might be the exception.

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These are the best new designer handbags to invest in, from Mulberry and Gucci to Coach and Saint Laurent

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Since its founding back in 1971, Mulberry has positioned itself between town and country – with its Somerset roots and London energy – and has become one of the top destinations for timeless investment pieces. It combines authentic, age-honoured craft with an innovative edge that manages to seamlessly cater to what today’s woman desires by way of designer bags.

Case in point: the Softie bags. The bright hues of the Big Softie, the standard Softie and the Little Softie are just the uplifting ticket we all need right now, and are cleverly on-trend with the rest of the world. Think reds, greens, blues and – of course – a few achromatic shades and you’re slap bang on the money. Who wouldn’t want a pop of colour against their winter coat this time of year?

If newness isn’t your vibe, however, and you much prefer to spend your money on bags you know will never go out of style, then look to the ageless silhouettes such as the Belted Bayswater, the Darley Satchel, the Lily and the Antony.

What is the classic Mulberry bag?

Mulberry’s original Bayswater showcases the exceptional level of leather quality that goes into each of the brand’s creations, and subsequently each of the branch-off Bayswater designs. Proudly finished with the signature Postman Lock, the shoulder bag is ideal for a wide range of lifestyles – making it a bestseller.

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Which Mulberry bag is best? Take a look at our top picks below, from the signature Mulberry bags to the brand new Mulberry Softie collection.

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