London Is The Most Expensive City In The UK For A Night Out, Study Finds

In today’s least surprising news…

Yes, if you asked just about anyone in the UK where the most expensive night out is, they would all point you in our direction. We’d put money on that, if we hadn’t spent it all at the weekend. But now, we have the exact numbers to back it up.

Vaping experts IndeJuce have carried out this new study, finding out what cities will provide bang for your buck.

Inevitably, London is the most expensive night out in the UK, with drinks, fast-food, and taxi-rides all costing a pretty penny. Tagging just behind us were Oxford and Brighton in second and third, with Dundee and Cardiff staking their claim as the cheapest night out in the UK.

Crunching the numbers, IndeJuce found that London come up highest for the average price of pints (£5.72); cocktails (£12); fast-food combo meal (£5.94); and 5-mile taxi-fare (£26). And that’s if you’re lucky enough to not be slapped by a surcharge (*shudders*).

This brings the average cost of a night out in London to an eye-watering £49.66 (£6.36 more than second-placed Oxford). No wonder we’re always too scared to check our bank accounts on Monday morning.

Dundee, crowned the UK’s cheapest night out, puts London to shame with their average pint prices of £3.08, cheap cocktails (though not the cheapest – Swansea’s average price is £5.66!) at £7, and taxi-fare setting you back a tenner. Their night out will set you back an average of just £25.35, and around a quarter of that is accounted for by that post-night out combo meal, with an average price of £5.27.

The cheapest pint in the UK, I hear you ask? That’ll be the city of Leicester, which averages prices of just £3.03.

A spokesperson from IndeJuce commented on the study, saying: “As a result of the pandemic, the night-life industry has been hit hard with past restrictions, however as we return back to nightclubs and bars more regularly, this study offers a fascinating insight into the locations that offer the best deals.

“With the cost of a night out in London being almost double that of a night out in Dundee, party-goers in the capital will need plenty of money-saving savvy to have a good night that doesn’t drain their bank account.”

Very true.