Netflix Has Confirmed The Release Date For Stranger Things Season Four

Coming to a (hopefully not upside down) screen near you.

It’s been a little quiet in the Stranger Things camp of late, with no new episodes for the best part of three (!) years. But, dear residents of Hawkins, that is about to change.

Later this year, we’re in for a double dose of the upside down, as the long-awaited fourth season of the hit show coming dropping in two parts. Circle the dates May 27 and July 1 in your sci-fi diaries, as parts one and two of Stranger Things will be dropping on these days.

Taking to Twitter to reveal the information, Stranger Things counted down to the big reveal by posting teasers to the first four episodes of the show, before hitting us with the dates and a note to their fans.

Your first dose of fresh content comes with the hint :”001: Russia. Getting the band back together.” It sure should feel that way!

Our next clue read: “002. The Lab. Every story starts somewhere,” followed by “003. Creel House. Tick Tock,” and, finally, “004. California. Hold onto your butts, brochachos.” That we will, guys. That we will.

In the trailer, it seems to show the gang travelling outside of Hawkins, and some new characters will be along for the ride this season, including Robert Englund, who played the famous Freddy Kruger in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. You know just in case the show needed any more eighties nostalgia added in.

Season Four of Stranger Things will hit Netflix in two parts, the first on May 27 and the second on July 1.