There’s A Livestream Of Planes Landing At Heathrow During Storm Eunice, And It Is TENSE

Warning: not for the faint hearted.

Storm Eunice has done her worst around the capital (the poor O2 Arena bearing the brunt of it), but the wind conditions are still making simple activities like walking and staying on the ground trickier than they should be. Spare a thought then for the pilots trying to land jumbo jets in this weather – because as you can see from a suddenly very popular YouTube livestream, it’s not proving very easy.

Big Jet TV has been must-watch entertainment today, with frequent gusts of wind giving pilots a tricky job, and giving our fingernails a good workout. The wind has made for some dicey-looking landings – and occasionally forced some planes to circle Heathrow and make a second attempt – and the terror of watching a plane make a bumpy touchdown has kept many a curious onlooker entertained, with nearly 100,000 people on the stream at certain points throughout the day.

It is, admittedly, compelling watching – although it’s probably not as vexing as it is for the passengers on board – and has most likely been providing something for us to do today, given the recommendations to not leave the house during the worst of the storm. There’s nothing on Netflix to compare with the drama of a windswept plane enthusiast yelling “GO ON THEN!” at a successful landing, that’s for sure…

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